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Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday night Charlie and I hosted a murder mystery party! It was SO MUCH FUN! I was definitely excited before hand, but it turned out even better. There were 10 of us and everyone got into there characters. The setting was a "annual costume ball held at the Walgrave Astoria, and all the who's who of the town attends." Everyone comes in and gets a name tag and a envelope with there round 1 clues/objectives. They had stuff like "go talk to Dr. Jonas and ask him why he hates Royal T so much" or told you things about yourself like "you hate Royal T because she won't give up her land so that you can build your multi million dollar hotel." You just mingle for a bit and let everyone have a chance to complete there clues. We served some appetizers and wine and let me tell you we had some awarding winning actors/actresses on our hands! It was hilarious! I then passed out round 2 clues and served dinner. We ate and mingled some more and then played a game that was given to me as part of the mystery. Just sort of a party game. (As the host I was instructed to put a victim sign, some tape, and some yellow crate paper or crime scene tape in the closest bathroom before any of the guest arrived) Well the party game was a cue for one of the players to go into the bathroom and dress themselves up as the victim who had just been murdered. So we then saw who had been murdered and I then read some evidence that came with the game. We all had some post evidence stuff to read that went with our clues. I then served dessert and we all went around and accused people of who did it/motives. Round 3 clues are then handed out and we each go around and read them. The last person to read was the murderer. Turned out to be Charlie! I had guessed him:) This was a great party and super fun. Just search murder mystery parties on the internet and there are tons of choices for downloading for anywhere between $10-$50.

Everyone is a character dressed up as a character since it was a costume ball that we were attending. Here is Kristin as a flapper and me as a princess. My character was Nicole Wilton who is a hotel heiress. Very uptight and snobby! Kristin was Fiona Fingstein and was a accountant who was uptight and inflexible.
Shocked at the answer of who was the murderer! Charlie...Dr. Jonas!

Me and the murderer! He was an archaeologist!

Charlie killing the victim...Royal T!

All us girls:) Me, Kimberly (a country singer), Jackie (a geisha), and Laurie (a southern belle)

Josh and Marissa. Josh was a Roman and Marissa was a fashionista.

Me, Charlie, Andrea, and Scott. Andrea was Cleopatra and Scott was a Hollywood Director.

Group picture:)

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  1. Courtney // August 17, 2009 at 6:41 PM  

    I LOVE Murder Mystery Nights. It's so much fun to get into character!

  2. Mighty M // August 18, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

    What fun!