Pain in the BACK!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well we are 10 days away from my due date and 11 days away from Savannah being 2! Crazy times are upon us:) The last two OB appointments have revealed a few things. We had a sonogram two weeks ago and he was in a tight ball they said. They couldn't really get great measurements and not even a decent picture:( Little guy is squished I guess. When they finally did get some measurements, the weight kept coming up a little big. Like a little over 7 1/2lbs. Which 2 weeks ago was a little big for that soon. The technician kept apologizing as she didn't believe those numbers were right but had done the measurements 3 times. So who knows! They decided to do another one this Friday to check on that and see what they can figure out. I am dialated to 2 cm and I'm 30% effaced. So I'm slowly moving along:) My blood pressure was in the normal range last week, but high for me so that was another thing to kinda be on the watch for. The worst of any of this is not the actual pregnancy, but my back. I thought the baby was sitting on some part of my lower back making it hurt. Over the weekend it got so much worse that I realized I probably just hurt my back. All the weight is making it inflamed and I was miserable over the weekend. I limp to help with the pain and it is one spot on my right side. Saturday night/Sunday I wanted to crawl around on the floor. Not much I can do except give birth and get the extra weight off that is irritating is so much. I have no idea how I even hurt my back. Thankfully I'm at the end, so it won't be long!

I can't believe Savannah will be 2 years old in 11 days! UM CRAZY! I'm so glad that I can treasure her as my special and ONLY little girl. And I will have my special little boy:) She is having a candyland themed birthday party a couple weeks after her birthday. Mommy has to have a baby first and then we will get ready for a birthday party:) I'm so stinking excited to give her her birthday present! We got her a big play kitchen and play food and I think she will LOVE it!

My friend had her baby last week and I went to visit them in the hospital. Little Emma was born at 1:43pm and weighed 7lbs 8oz. She and mom are doing great!

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Little of this and a little of that...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My post has no particular theme...just a little bit of random.

I am axiously awaiting a phone call from my good friend who is 3 weeks or so ahead of me in her pregnancy. Her due date was yesterday! I made this for her daughter who is going to be a big sis! Love these quick little crafty projects!

Then apparently I had some energy last Sunday night because I was in the mood to make a full on dinner. I cooked some steak we had and veggies and made it a stir fry. Made rice to go with it. It was chinese style. So yummy!

Perhaps my energy came from the high I had from grocery shopping. I belong to a website called The Grocery Game. I've done it before, but was in Waco and all they had there was HEB. Which wasn't bad, but they don't double and triple coupons so you get a little less out of your savings. I jumped back on the bandwagon about 3 weeks ago and started shopping at Kroger. Well between the sales and my coupons, my bill was $98 and I only paid $38! So fun!!! You save the inserts each week. And the website tells you when to buy what and which coupons to use. She will tell you which week to go back to to cut the coupon out. So you just organize them and file for later. I got so many groceries for my money! for anyone interested. If you decide to join...feel free to put my email as a reference. You get a free 4 week trial and then depending on how many stores you sign up for the list is how much it costs. But you totally save that and more after about the first 2 weeks. So very worth it!

Lastly, I finally got to put up Baby Charlie's letters that his aunt made him. I ordered some decor crab netting and wanted to use that as a background. I love how it turned out. Here is a pic of his name and me at 37 weeks. Tomorrow we get to have a sonogram...I'm so excited. Last week the doctor said I have started dialating to a 1/2-1 cm. Not much, but it's a start!!!

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Sunday, August 08, 2010

This weekend was my baby shower. Since I didn't need lots of stuff, I decided to do a "book" themed shower. All the guests could bring there favorite book! Books are such a great gift for a child, but somehow as the mother one of the last things I tend to buy. This was a great way to expand our little ones collection. Savannah has enjoyed them too:)

My invitation was mimicked after the old school library checkout cards inside books. I loved it!!!

We got so many books! It was a fun shower:) We played one game where the title of popular children's books had the words changed and you had to guess what book it was. Like "A Trio of Minute Swine" was 3 Little Pigs. Then we also were given a handout with lots of pictures of popular kids book characters. We had to write down there names. That was a little harder. Both super fun games. Lastly, we filled out future birthday cards for baby Charlie. I did this at Savannah's shower, so I did it again so both kids would have them. You buy however many birthday cards based on guests or to the number you want to get to. (Guests can do 2 each if necessary) Then each guest gets one and fills out a birthday wish. Seal them up and don't get back out till that birthday. Most birthdays you can find a card with the actual age listed, but if not any birthday card will do. I have close to 21 birthday cards for each of them.

Charlie's mom (Mims) found books with the baby's name in the title!
My mom and sister did this for Savannah...they bought me lots of clothes to get me started:)
My sis, Kristin, and Me
Charlie' cousin, aunt, his mom, and me!

The food was of course yummy (let's not lie...always a favorite part)! The hostess put books to go with all the food. "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" was behind the meat balls. She did ham slices and deviled eggs with the book "Green Eggs and Ham." They dyed with food coloring the filling of the eggs. SO CUTE! All of it was adorable:)

Lots of gifts were opened and I was once again super blessed:) After the shower we drove to Charlies parent's house to celebrate his dad's birthday. We grilled out and I ate more food. Shocking I know:) We finally got home around 10pm. Sunday was of course the day of rest!

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

I have been nesting a lot lately! Doing the nursery sort of fulfilled that craving, but I still get the urge to just clean. Yesterday I mopped, vacummed, cleaned bathrooms, and all sorts of things. I have been purging things of Savannah's for a consigment sale coming up that will hopefully bring in some extra money and pay for what I buy her there! I also made pot roast with vegetables last night. It turned out yummy! So I'm all around nesting:) Tomorrow I am 35 weeks. I officially sleep sitting up as Baby Charlie just gets to much into my lungs at night when I lay flat and makes it hard to breathe. Plus it seems to be a lot of pressure on my back also, because I was waking up with my back hurting. It is kinda awkward to sleep in this position, but I sleep better and have less issues once I wake up.

Yummy pot roast!

Look at this cute cookie monster:) I give her one small chocolate chip cookie and it ends up all over her face! Her face was worth it. To her it must have been the best cookie ever. Kids get such pleasure over the smallest things:) I love it!

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