Quarter of the way there!

Friday, February 26, 2010

You know what is the worst but at the same time totally great. When you get a great haircut but you know you will probably not be able to reproduce the outcome as well as your amazing stylist. And even better there was a special and only cost me $10!!! The salon had 2 new hires who just finished beauty/hair school. So for their first month, the salon offered $10 haircuts for them to get more experience and new clients. I hate paying for haircuts. I don’t know why, I mean I want my hair to look good and I really care about it but something about the cost kills me. Anyway I jumped on the cost and this stylist will now be my permanent choice. She did an amazing job! I really like it and that rarely happens. I’m trying to learn to style it the same way she did. It’s coming along:)

I’m super busy in party planning mode. Today is my 25th birthday. I haven’t celebrated (like in a big deal way) my birthday in several years. Well turning 25 and my birthday falling on a Friday, I really wanted to do something. So we are having a casino party at our house. Tables and dealers will be coming in and everything! I’m doing a mashed potato martini bar and I’m excited for a fun night with friends. Hope everything goes well and we all have a fun night!

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Where Did You Get Those?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charlie had forgotten to give us some mardi gras beads a doctor had brought to the hospital a couple of days ago. So they were laying on the counter for us when we woke up Saturday morning. Savi loved them! No inappropriate actions were displayed to receive these beads, just a cute grin:) She dressed up with them and would swing them all over!

So happy!
We are watching my parent's dog for a bit. He is great with Savannah!
Savannah's hair is just getting long enough for full pig tails. They are a beast to do however because somebody is a bit of a wiggle worm when having her hair done:) They are cute though, so generally worth the outcome! Kind of a an Abby the fairy from Sesame Street look:)

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Mornings with Daddy

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello everyone! Charlie guest posting here. Just thought I'd add a couple pics of our precious baby girl getting her milk before her morning nap. We're attempting to switch her milk from a bottle to a cup, but that has proven a difficult task. She drinks everything else from a cup with a straw, just not the milk. It'll happen, we're not trying to push her. It'll come when she is ready :)

I took these yesterday morning, and I love how her hair is all crazy! I love messy bed heads! So cute!

One tell-tale sign that Savi is ready for her nap is when she starts pulling her socks off. When she lies down and yanks her socks off her feet, it's a pretty clear indication nap time or bed time isn't far off. Luckily I happened to catch her in the act!

P.S. Brit is doing very well with the pregnancy. One strange thing is that the chicken tenders and chicken meals she normally loves are absolutely banished from her meal choices at the moment. Strange. She doesn't seem to have the same resistance to chocolate though!

One more week of morning sickness, hopefully. Nothing is worse than being a husband and not being able to comfort your wife when she feels this way. Can't hug, cuddle, or do anything generally, because the closeness makes her feel more sick.

What I can do is get whatever she needs. It's hard, and I have to fight off the urge to physically console her. I just have to trust that my ability to take care of her while she isn't feeling well rests in acts of kindness and service alone.

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Hodge Podge

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I went to the doctor on Monday. All good things so far. 2 pounds of weight gain, found the heart beat very quickly, and a couple of pricks to get my blood. That part hurt just a tad, but not the end of the world. Next Tuesday we go to the perinatologist to get some optional genetic testing. We will be able to know some things about the baby now if there were any cases of down syndrome or any other disease that we need to be prepared for. But also generally doctors in that field are very skilled in reading sonograms, therefore as we did last time with Savi we may get a guess on the sex! Statistically they are about 83-86% correct on their guess. So while we can’t take it to the bank, we can take it home. Last time with Savannah he guessed correctly!

Charlie and I went on our date Monday night. Valentine’s Day is SO CUTE! You must see. I really enjoyed it, and Charlie liked it too. I enjoyed catching a movie with him. It was nice.

Funny Story: On Thursday when we had all that snow, we took Savi out for maybe 10 minutes. Charlie and I both got bundled up and went out there also. I had gloves on but Charlie did not. Later after we were all cleaned up from being outside, Charlie asked me if I had moved his wedding ring. I said no I haven’t seen it. He proceeds to look over the house and can’t find it. We come to the conclusion that it is quite possible he lost it out in the snow. His hands were so cold and he was digging into the snow to pick it up that he may have not noticed if it slipped off. He goes out to look but with all the snow, we can’t find it. 3 days later after it all melts he goes outside for probably 10 minutes and found it. I was shocked! I did not think he would find it just randomly in our backyard. So glad he did.

Still dealing with all that is morning sickness. Some days are so much worse than others. I hate that. I can only hope for maybe 2 more weeks and then hopefully to start feeling better.

Savi is starting to like sunglasses, I'm pretty excited for summer:)

These are glasses from when Charlie and I saw a 3D movie and she plays with them all the time:)

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My Hero!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This prego girl wanted nothing to do with jewelry, flowers, or any other gifts of the sort. All I asked for was one of those huge boxes of chocolates. I just have been craving chocolate and sweets. ( Don't worry, I try not to indulge to much or I only have myself to blame for that 50lbs headed my way!) My hubby did not disappoint and gave me exactly what I wanted and he also remembered his little valentine too:) He also threw in some girl scout cookies to sweeten the deal! My hero!

Charlie worked this weekend so it pretty much means I won't see him today. He leaves at 6am and comes home around 8pm. But yesterday I made Savannah heart pancakes for breakfast and made extra for Charlie. I put them in a tupperware and put a note on top so he could have a surprise for breakfast today.
Tomorrow night my mom is watching Savi and we are having a tiny date. Charlie is taking me to see Valentine's Day. I'm SO excited to see it! It reminds me of "Love Actually" and I love that movie! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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Winter Wonderland!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas got quite a bit of snow. And it is still coming! I woke up this morning and the ground was already covered. Then it proceeded to literally snow the rest of the day. CRAZY! I haven't seen this much snow in a long time. It was so fun to let Savi go out and play for just a quick minute.

I love this one!

Our family of "4" technically:)

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Honesty is the best policy!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ok, so I’m just going to be real honest! Ya’ll are so sweet on my last post with all your comments about how tiny and what not I am. But let me just say if this is anything like the last time, it’s about to get BIG:) I gained 50 yes 50 pounds with my first pregnancy. I’m only admitting that because I lost all the weight and an extra 5 pounds with it. Thank you breastfeeding and dance! Anyway, I have no idea why I gained so much. I taught dance most of my pregnancy, so it wasn’t like I was lazy. But man, I packed on some pounds. Starting weight this time is 109. Here is a picture of me close to the end last time...

I think by admitting the above, I won’t feel so bad about admitting this today. I really had to unbutton my top button of my pants because I was feeling tight and uncomfortable. I’m only 11 weeks. That feels a bit soon! BUT here is what I am telling myself. 1. During your second pregnancy I’ve heard your body knows better what to do and sometimes a belly comes a bit faster. 2. I am small and therefore my pants fit quite snug and to size. For me gaining a couple pounds or being bloated affects me ASAP when it comes to clothes. That is my story and I’m sticking to it! HA! Because I follow this other chicks blog who I think is around 25 weeks, and is sporting a cute little belly and NOT wearing maternity clothes yet. UM REALLY, I do not think I will be making it that long based on the feel of things. Oh and here is the kicker, I’m sick as a dog. Probably every other day at least, I throw up. So I haven’t actually gained any weight that I know of. So how do I have a belly that doesn’t comfortably fit into my pants? This is mystery to me and makes me a tad insecure. Any incite from all you moms out there would be greatly appreciated! Thank goodness I can just blame pregnancy in a general sense:)

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Simple Pleasures and a Little Belly

Friday, February 05, 2010

Man simple pleasures, those really aren’t hard to come by. But yet we do forget about them. Here are few of mine.

*When I come home and say Hi to Charlie, then go upstairs and see something he did sweet for me. Just simple like make up the bed or clean the bathroom.
*Coming home from work and Savi saying “mommy” with a big grin on her face.
*Whenever I see my sister.
*Being on vacation with Charlie on the beach.
*Decorating a cake, or any type of baking.
*Putting out decorations for different holidays.
*Party planning or hosting a party.
*When Savi is sweet to her grandparents and I see the joy on their faces.
*Snuggled in bed watching my favorite tv shows.
*Giving people gifts that are a surprise and they really like.
*Organizing anything.

I’m sure another simple pleasure that will be entering our life is our next baby girl or boy. Here is a boring belly pic of me at 5 weeks and now 10 weeks. Not that much different:)

5 weeks above

10 weeks and 2 days here. I think I am pudgier. I have no idea how to spell that word, not to mention that has never been the ideal word I would like to use to describe myself:)

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