Fun shoot

Friday, May 27, 2011

The photographer that I use for all my photos had some new props she wanted to try out. I graciously offered up Baby C as a model:) Love them!

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I have a picture from when I was a little girl of me in the bath tub eating an ice cream sandwich. My mom was gone at something that night leaving my dad in charge. He felt that this was the best place for me to eat said ice cream:) I relived that memory a few nights ago with Savannah. I gave her an ice cream bar and let her have at it with no worries! It was fun and she loved it:)

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Green Eyed Monster

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So I know the green eyed monster is a term generally used for someone who is greedy, but for lack of knowledge on the other monsters that is what I'm titling this post. I love my baby girl more than anything, but what monster is head of non SHARING! Because let me tell you, we are in full force of the words/phrase....MINE, GIVE IT BACK, and NO! Mostly directed at baby C. We have to constantly remind her to share and to not just grab things out of his hands. Stuff she isn't even playing with and Charlie picks up, she instantly wants and won't rest til she gets it back. She only shares on her terms. She hands things to him of hers to play with or read. But if she doesn't like it, she lets him know. As of right now we are just really reinforcing what sharing is and not rewarding bad behavior, but any tips would be super helpful.

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Jenny Appleseed

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend is half way done and I'm beat! Baby Charlie is officially crawling!! He likes to go back and forth between army crawl and the real deal but he can do it! He is also teething and needy:) Good thing I love him to death! He also does not like going to the store anymore in his carseat. So I got him a cart cover and he is quite happy. He just looks around and takes it all in. Savi was enjoying her new spot also:)

Last night we had The Jasper's over for dinner. Savannah was very excited Sophia was coming over. We had a yummy dinner and just talked and watched the kids play. It is so much easier to just do dinner at home when you have kids! Plus Mrs. Jasper is expecting twins, so pretty sure anything more relaxing for her is good! Super excited for her!

Today Savannah continued in her new thing of eating apples whole! She loves this. She did it once earlier this week and today asked for another. I love it of course:) She can have as many apples as she wants!

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Splish Splash

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby C got his first experience of a splash pad and a pool. He kept trying to "catch" the water. I know Savannah had a great time!

How do I get a hold of this water??!

Bath time at our house is super fun:) We have special tablets that change the water to fun colors. They are seriously a staple at our house! Savannah runs to the drawer to get them as soon as she hears the water turn on:) Here is baby C enjoying a bath in his crystal clear blue water!

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Mother's Day 2011

Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I hope you had a relaxing day with your kids;) Charlie had to work yesterday, so I did exactly what I should be a mom! Kids apparently were excited about said special day, as they both woke up around the 5:45am-6am time frame. Awesome:) We lounged for a bit and then got on with the day. I took the kids to play with my mom and then we took my mom out to lunch. After that we spent the rest of the day at home. I napped when they napped, and then it was pretty warm out so we got some of our backyard water toys out. Both kids really enjoyed that. Charlie says we will celebrate later this week. Either way, I spent the day with my precious kiddos and that is what Mother's Day is all about!

Savannah and I last night before bed.....Baby C was already in bed and the picture I have with him is on my camera at home. I'll post more later of them outside with there pool toys:)

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom! She selflessly gives up about 4 hours every Saturday to watch the kids so I can go to work. (She works a 40hr work week too) She is wonderful to my kids and I'm becoming more and more EXACTLY like her;) It's a good thing. And lastly Happy Mother's Day to my Mother-in-Law! You always hear people complaining about there in laws about this and that but I'm super lucky. I have the best MIL I could ask for. She is also super sweet to my kids and is always letting me know she is thinking about me. I hope both moms had a fantastic day!

My mommy and me:)

MIL and DIL:)

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Melt in your mouth, it's so sweet!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

I creeped up and found daddy and Savi having some special reading time:)
Even though I'm busy and a working mom, it's good to know this little girl has an awesome daddy that reads stories to her:) Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Savannah is into blocks. More specifically.....building castles with blocks:) Every morning she says, "go playroom, build castles." Which I then say, "well first we have to go downstairs and eat breakfast." Savi: "Baby Charlie hungry!?" Me: "Yep and you need breakfast too!" Savi: "Ok mommy." lol love her!

Little man turned 8 months this week. He is loving pulling up on anything he can find. His favorite is the bathroom tub. Funny story...this morning he was standing at the tub and Savannah told him that is was time to do his makeup. I was getting ready at the time. She grabbed some eye shadow and put it in front of him. I was laughing and thought my husband would probably be so proud. Then baby C threw the eye makeup into the tub. Guess he will try to be as "all boy" as he can:) lol

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Happy Easter!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A little late, I know....but oh well. I always get so anxious when I get behind on reading and posting blogs. So silly, but I can't help it. It makes me feel behind in all aspects if I'm behind on this stuff. Go figure...

We had a great Easter, but not without some crazy storms. I took the kids out to Charlie's parents house on Saturday. Charlie had to work:( We had a great day. Charlie's grandparents were in town, so that was a special treat. Savi got to dye more eggs, decorate cupcakes, and of course Easter egg hunt! The adults even got to hunt Easter eggs. Except our eggs had MONEY in them:) Mims and pops (what we call Charlie's parents instead of grandma and grandpa) did a great job hiding the eggs for us adults. It was fun! Around the time we were thinking of heading home it started to rain pretty hard. Then got harder and added hail. Hail got bigger. It got later. Tornado sirens went off. We weren't going anywhere. Charlie was worried about us and didn't want me driving. It is about 50 miles from our house. So I put the kids to sleep (about 5 times) and waited for Charlie to come out there. He insisted on coming to us. He got to his parents and ate some dinner. It was just so crazy with so many people and the kids were having a hard time sleeping being in a different bed and it not being as quiet as they were used to. Around 11:30pm when all the storms had passed, we decided it would probably be best to just head home. Even though it was late, we would still probably get more sleep then if we stayed. We packed up and got home around 1ish. Great day, but super long. Oh and that morning I had gotten up at 4am because I had to do something at work that couldn't be missed. I didn't want to get a babysitter for the 1 hr I was there so I just got up early enough while Charlie was still home. He has to leave for work by 6am, so I had to get to work and be home by then. I encountered what I'm pretty sure was a drunk driver on my way there and called 911. Needless to say, I was very happy to climb into bed!

Gigi (great grandmother) playing with baby C:)

Matching shirts I made for the kids:)

She enjoyed putting stickers on her nose more than the eggs!

Cupcake decorating!

Uncle Bryan, baby C, and Mims

Easter goodies from Mims!

Great granddad and baby C!

After all that craziness, we stayed home Sunday and rested. Charlie even stayed home. We gave the kids there Easter baskets and I think they both loved everything we gave them. We went over to my parents for a bit and hunted more eggs. Had a nice lunch and then headed home to relax for the rest of the day. It was a great weekend! Happy Easter to everyone:)

Nanie helping Savi see what is inside the eggs!

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Aren't you DYEING to know:)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I'm a little behind on posting. About a week and half ago we went over to my friend (and Savi's) house. My friend, Annalisa, has a daughter the same age as Savi. They have such a good time playing:) We went over to dye Easter eggs! They did pretty good for such a messy project. Randomly this morning Savannah told me that she had fun with Sophia. Guess we will need to see her again real soon!

The girls are telling us the colors:)

Hugs for best friends:)

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