Goodies and Cuties

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We didn't do to much this weekend. Saturday I took the kids to Walmart. They just weren't feeling it and it was pretty much a hellish experience. Oh well. We just stayed home for the rest of the day after that and then I went to work while my mom watched the kids.

To cute for Walmart:)

Sunday we went to the grocery story and had a much more pleasant experience:) While the baby napped Savannah drew some pictures and I came around the corner to see she was very proud of them and hung them on the fridge! lol

Later after Baby C was asleep, I let Savi help me make some brownies. She loves to help and I love doing those types of things with her;)

finger lickin good:)

Festive brownies!

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Splash Park!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday I took the kids to a local splash park. It was really fun. Savannah had a blast and even baby Charlie enjoyed. It also turned out to be the perfect day. We had rain last night so it was cooler today. Only 80 when we were out there and a little cloudy. I was so glad I took them and will definitely be going back!

Great day:)

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Show Us Your Life-SINGLES!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ok people, this is internet dating at its best!!! I swear:) This coming from someone who met the love of her life on! Anyway over at Kelly's Corner, it is show us your singles and she has 7 success stories. I find this crazy and SUPER cool. I have the perfect friend!

Kristin is one of my best friends and deserves truly the world. She is 29 and lives in north Dallas. She works as an event manager for a well known hotel company in Plano, TX. Basically she plans weddings every single day. So to say she is patiently waiting for her turn would be an understatement for sure! She plans lots of other types of events too… don’t worry, she isn't wedding obssessed:) We met when she started planning my wedding! Since then we have become very close. She is honest, caring, and super fun to be around. If I had to pinpoint what she is looking for….I would say a good Christian boy who was raised right and knows how to treat a girl! Also tall would be good. She is 5'10. Other than that, the skies the limit:) Seriously though, if you want a great girl….Kristin is it!!!

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Where are the boys?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG, I am going to have my hands full! Last week Savannah gets her stool and pulls it up to the window. Then asks "where are the boys at?" I laughed so hard. Then I got a video of her asking if they were ok?? lol Charlie is going to have to start getting his rifle ready......

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A Girlie Day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Saturday I was tickled pink to do something girlie with Savannah! We were sitting downstairs while the baby napped and I looked down at her toes and asked her if she wanted to paint her toe nails. I got an eager YES and she was off my lap and to the stairs. We got out all her choices and she insisted on blue. I tried for pink....but that was a no! lol As I'm doing her toes, she starts wanting purple. I convince her to save that for her nails. So we had an all around pedi/mani. She did so good!
Later that day I bought supplies to make her a new hair bow holder. A friend made the most adorable one and I wanted to copy:) Except the tutu colors didn't match her room as well so I did more of a dress bow holder. It wasn't perfect, but holds more bows and does the job!

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Father's Day and a Birthday:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a great father's day! I hope you did too! Charlie was off, which I was so happy for him. I got up early and took just Savannah with me to breakfast with my family. It was father's day of course but also my sisters birthday! Every once in awhile it ends up on the same day. We had a yummy breakfast and then my sister headed back to Mississippi:( Happy Birthday Sissy! Savannah and I went home and picked up the baby and Charlie to head out to his families house for the day. Charlie's uncle and aunt were going to come over and his cousin with his two girls. We haven't seen them since our wedding, so I was very excited! We grilled out and just enjoyed our time out there. Savannah played with her second cousins and just had a ball!

My dad and baby Charlie:)

Savannah eating with her 2nd cousins

For gifts I gave all the fathers the same thing but each one fit there personality:) I saw this idea on a store's advertisement for you to come in and pay them to do this for $60. I said no thank you, I'll attempt myselft. The only difference is you can't eat off mine because it wasn't fired in a kiln. But I don't think that is a big deal.
Savannah helped paint too!

Beginning stages of Charlie's plate

Each plate had a theme that included the footprints of the kids as part of the design. Charlie enjoys golfing and although we don't get to do it much I know we will get back to it soon:)

Charlie's dad is a great guitar player and singer. He was in a band not long ago. So this was perfect for him!

My dad is all about hunting!

The camo was definitely time consuming:)

It was great day! I am lucky to have such an amazing husband and dad. He spent alot of time playing with the girls that day and is just so good with kids. He sat at the kids table at lunch because Savannah wanted to sit with him. He is truly in love with our kids and shows it every single day. Love you Charlie and Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my daddy! A great dad and papa! I also am blessing with a wonderful father-in-law who is so loving to me and my kids!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wow, I'm posting a weekend update and it's not a week later! Woo Hoo:)

Friday was a great day. First my boss took us out to eat to celebrate a good score on an audit we just had. We went to Seasons 52. This place is soooo good! There "thing" is everything on there menu is 475 calories or less. This place is packed all the time. For lunch we needed a reservation and couldn't get one till 1pm! People love this place. We had a flatbread yummy. I did teriyaki chicken skewers. They don't really have sides for the meals, but it came with a small salad. It had an amazing dressing. And I pretty much only like ranch, so that says alot! If you have one near you, I would higly recommend!

Charlie's parents felt bad that we didn't get to go out to eat last weekend for our anniversary. So they offered up babysitter services for this past weekend. We were deciding between a few places to eat when on Thursday I won $40 to Cheesecake Factory in a hula hoop contest of all things! (We had a work cookout with lots of activities. I also won a mani/pedi gift card in a drawing!) We decided that we would save our money and enjoy a great meal there! So Friday after work I met Charlie and we enjoyed a great meal together. We went over to Ikea aftewards and bought a desk and chair for the gameroom so he would have somewhere to work on his laptop when the kids are playing. We also found this really cool bed I think we are going to get Savi!

Reeses Peanut Butter Cheesecake and a glass of reisling. I only had a few sips. Pumping and dumping is not something I do really.

How cool is this bed. The bunk is not very high either. It maybe went to my chest. It can be set both ways and you can by this little accessory for the first set up that goes across the underneath of the bed and you can attach like a curtain. Such a great escape for kids. I've done more research and a lot of people just paint the slats and boards whatever color. Said it was very easy. The blue is interchangable to white, but I've seen tons of ideas with this bed. I think we will definitely be buying to upgrade Savi out of her toddler bed very soon!

After all that I had planned to go over to my moms house for a few reasons. Charlie headed home to relieve his parents. I walked in and my dad was acting all weird. Then there dog ran around the corner. (Which for the last 2 months had been with my sister in MS) It clicked that my SISTER came home early. She wasn't due in till later this Friday. She took the whole week off instead. I was so happy. Such a great surprise! We hung out for a bit and then decided on a late impromtu movie of Bridesmaids. I had already seen it, but it was really funny. My mom works for the headquarters of Cinemark and had gotten these t-shirts free. We wore them to the movie ha! It was a late night but fun!

She is getting married in December, so she covered up the maids:)

Love her;)

Saturday was lazy and me sleeping when the kids slept. My sis came over late afternoon and then babysat while I went to work. I'm so lucky she loves my kids so much! Sunday was kinda lazy too, but I did grocery shop and get some other things done! Hope you had a great weekend!

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Top Notch!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Earlier this week my girlfriends and I planned a girls night. But we wanted to do something different. We decided on Top Golf. It is like a driving range but with curb side service of drinks and food, and it is a double decker for the driving range part. You get a member card with your information. They then have you swipe your card and club everytime you are going to hit. Once you hit, there is a flat screen that shows you your yardage and where you hit. They have targets that are worth points so you can play/compete with whoever you go with. None of us are pros by any means, so we just had a good time. They just opened this location about 2 weeks ago and had a few technical difficulties. Overall we still had fun, but they offered us 2 free games on are card for next time!

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Tutu's and Sparkles!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm always a week behind......I every aspect:)

Last Friday was the dance studio that I teach at Dance Recital. Our theme this year was Cruising Around The World. It turned out great and the kids did so well. Here are a few pics of them in costume. I love teaching, but I love a break too. I get to come home every day after work and put my babies to bed and that is a treat!

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Keep em coming!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Today is our wedding anniversary. We are celebrating 4 wonderful years! How lucky am I???

I work at the hotel that we got married at. Everyday I walk in or right by where I said my vows.....

Or where we shared our first dance.....

Charlie is so good to me. We will always have our ups and downs, but he seriously is the best husband and father. He loves our kids so much and really plays with them and tries to teach them new things everyday. He very well could have changed more diapers than me. He takes care of me and helps me with everything. I can't believe we are on our way to 5 years and more! Love you Charlie!!! Happy Anniversary!

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Rough then Smooth

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Our Memorial Day weekend started out a little rough, but ended good. Saturday big Charlie wasn't feeling well. He has ulcertive colitis and could tell something was going on. The day went on and he was feeling worse. With it being a holiday weekend, we didn't think he could make it til Tuesday to see a doctor. Plus I didn't see any point in waiting til 2am when it was at its absolute worse, so we called his parents to come over and took him to the ER. They were able to give him an IV with fluids, pain meds for the cramping, and steroids to overall calm his stomach down. We left a couple hours later. Sunday we didn't' do much, just tried to let him rest so I took the kids a couple of places. On Monday he felt somewhat better but again I wanted him to rest. The contractors showed up to build us a new fence. The last thing on the list to repair since the awful storm a couple months ago.
We have repaired our fence so much. Everytime a bad storm comes, a part of it would fall. The previous owners did not take good care of it. So we are super excited for metal post and a brand new fence!

Charlie was a sweet hubby and let me loose with his credit card in Victoria Secret!
The kids were really good at the mall for me, so I also stopped a few other places and found us some new bed sheets. Ours were so worn out! We just ended the day at home and had a quiet night. Hope you had a great long weekend!

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