My job in a nutshell:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ie. Why I am MIA sometimes:)

I am an Event Manager.

I have unlimited resources at my disposal.

I always keep at least ten meeting rooms under my desk, as it is policy here to automatically make reservations and tee-times for your Board of Directors when you sign the contract.

I can make any meeting rooms larger or smaller, depending on your needs. I naturally remove my supporting pillars from your meeting space and will install windows in every room as needed. The “Ocean View” is not scheduled to arrive until the second day of your program for which I most sincerely apologize – however we will move the convention center two feet to the left to accommodate your request by the end of your session today.

I can only throw myself on your mercy and grovel at your feet – I completely agree that it is inconceivable that we should have any other groups booked into our facility during your program – your additional breakout rooms that you added this morning should be built no later than Wednesday.

Naturally, it will be no problem to turn your plenary session for 600-classroom style into a hollow square for 130 with rear-screen projection, simultaneous Japanese translation and satellite hook-up during your 15-minute coffee break. Unfortunately, however, due to space constraints, and the fact that your final program bears no resemblance whatsoever to your contracted space, we will have to suspend your lunch buffet from the ceiling above your plenary session, then suck the gravity out of the ballroom.

We have located the boxes that you sent last month, under your mother’s maiden name to the hotel down the street, and again, apologize for not having found them sooner.

In answer to all your questions, it is of course, understood that I am telepathically aware of all your speakers’ requirements and will set up an overhead, LCD panel, dual slide projectors, two screens, laser pointer, podium microphones, two tabletop microphones, podium knock-out switch, timer, and blue M&Ms in each room, at no charge, just in case. Additionally, it goes without saying that an AV tech, engineer, baby-sitter, and I will be underneath your head table for the duration of your event in case you need anything else.

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New Addition!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Savannah was playing in the tub and had a container full of water. She took a little Flounder figurine and put him in the water and said "mommy, look at my fish bowl." I thought it was so cute and instantly decided she was ready for a pet fish:) I called Charlie and he was on board. I can't handle a cat or a dog right now. So a fish is about the only pet you could pay me to get right now.

We went to the pet store and picked out our fish. I held up a blue and a purple one. I asked Savi to pick one. She picked the purple one. She picked out the little castle that is in the tank also. She was so excited once we got home.

Every time I asked her what we should name it, she answered purple. I don't think she understood the question:) It hit me that Scarlett would be a good name. This was fitting because IF I had ever had another girl this would have been her name. I really am content with my 2 precious kids. One boy and one girl. I found it fitting to use this name on the pet:) Kinda weird, but it pleased me. I love being pregnant, and wait for it....I love labor. I would do all that again in a heart beat, but it is everything that comes with that that I'm not on board with. I have a demanding job now and breastfeeding for a year is a lot of work! And then just in general a newborn is a whole other job in itself. I like even numbers. I'm OCD and all I can think is 2 fit in one/most cars, 2 fit in one hotel room, 2 fit on a plane (one with each parent), etc. 3 changes everything. And just in case you didn't know, I'm not a millionaire:) I'd rather give more to two then be spread thin. Sorry about my sidebar, but there ya go:)

So we are very happy with our fish, Scarlett:) Savi loves her! She talks to her and pretends to tickle her, loves to feed her, and just in general thinks the world of this fish. Baby C points and smiles. So I think he likes her too:)

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Sound Advice

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I heard on the radio 4 things to keep your marriage alive and going. Apparently the dj was over hearing at a restaurant an older couple giving advice to a younger couple.

1. Flirt everyday. Little or big, public or at home. Always flirt, just a little.
-Charlie is good at this, I could certainly be better:)
2. Make time for yourself once a week.
-I have dance and usually do something once a month with my girls and Charlie says he is fine as long as he gets some time after the kids go to bed to work on his websites. Charlie doesn't like to go out really and would rather just be at home. So I think we both are good here.
3.Be silly!
-A few weeks ago while we were making dinner for the kids and just running around the kitchen, Savi asked for some juice. I asked Charlie to grab a cup for her. He turns around and out of the blue asks me to spell icup. I immediately spell it and start laughing. He is silly like this all the time:) I could be sillier....I just make fun of him and he laughs, so that works right?:)
4.Talk about your day everyday.
-Charlie and I do this all the time. We both always want recaps on the person who has the kids and then most of the time we go into our work days in some depth.

I don't know why, but I found this to be good advice. Better than the usual stuff I hear as marriage advice. The be silly and talk about your day aren't the usual things given, but they make sense to me. And I can see why it would work. Just thought I would share:)

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Warms my heart:)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I just love him so much:)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

And he walks! First he used his walker for like 2 days and then it was onto walking!

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A few other Halloween activities!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I just wanted to post a few other festive Halloween things we did:)

Savannah got to paint a little pumpkin with our babysitter one day last week. She was kind enough to take pictures. I think she had a blast;)

We also of course carved pumpkins. I was busy and messy, so only after pictures were taken.

Hello Kitty:)

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Happy Halloween

Saturday, November 05, 2011

We had the best time this year. The last 2 years Halloween has been on the weekend. Hubby works pretty much all weekends. So he has had to rush and catch us going to a few last houses or miss it all together. So I was excited for him to get to participate the whole way through.

I met him at my parents house early around 5pm. We all ate pizza and then I got the kids ready. This year I dressed the kids up how most of our days a crazy 3 ring circus:) Savannah was a circus clown and baby C was a circus seal!

Savannah really got it this year. Trick or treating and getting the candy. She had a blast. I love doing this kind of stuff as a family. We also visited a few families that I used to babysit all through high school. It was crazy to see those kids all grown up! But I loved visiting with them.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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