Sound Advice

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I heard on the radio 4 things to keep your marriage alive and going. Apparently the dj was over hearing at a restaurant an older couple giving advice to a younger couple.

1. Flirt everyday. Little or big, public or at home. Always flirt, just a little.
-Charlie is good at this, I could certainly be better:)
2. Make time for yourself once a week.
-I have dance and usually do something once a month with my girls and Charlie says he is fine as long as he gets some time after the kids go to bed to work on his websites. Charlie doesn't like to go out really and would rather just be at home. So I think we both are good here.
3.Be silly!
-A few weeks ago while we were making dinner for the kids and just running around the kitchen, Savi asked for some juice. I asked Charlie to grab a cup for her. He turns around and out of the blue asks me to spell icup. I immediately spell it and start laughing. He is silly like this all the time:) I could be sillier....I just make fun of him and he laughs, so that works right?:)
4.Talk about your day everyday.
-Charlie and I do this all the time. We both always want recaps on the person who has the kids and then most of the time we go into our work days in some depth.

I don't know why, but I found this to be good advice. Better than the usual stuff I hear as marriage advice. The be silly and talk about your day aren't the usual things given, but they make sense to me. And I can see why it would work. Just thought I would share:)

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