Sunday, December 27, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully you did too! We got snow starting Christmas Eve and it stayed through Christmas morning. It was so beautiful and not something Texas sees to often, not to mention on Christmas! The only downside is because of the snow we didn't go to Christmas Eve church service. It rained first then snowed late afternoon all through the evening. Since good old Dallas doesn't deal with this weather often, it seems like we don't know how to drive when this stuff happens. We live about 25 minutes from our church and my parents just said they didn't feel comfortable having us drive. Especially with our little precious cargo. There turned out to be a 3 person fatality at a major intersection about 7 miles from our house. I so didn't want to miss our church service as I haven't missed one my entire life, but keeping our family safe is important also.

We went to Charlie's parents house for Christmas Eve. (They live across the street, so not overly dangerous to travel to them:)) We had a yummy turkey dinner and then opened presents! Savi got some great Sesame Street books, videos, and figurines. She loved all the ribbon and paper. Charlie and I had asked for a vacuum cleaner....that is what happens when you get married. Boring gifts:) But we so needed it and absolutely loved it! We came home and vacuumed Christmas morning...ha! Ours had given out on us months ago except for the attachment. So we have been vacuuming the house with just the attachment. Wouldn't recommend it:)

I would rather get no gifts and see that excitement a thousand times!
Notice the ribbon:)
Our new vacuum!

The next morning we did our little family Christmas! Savi got a chair, blocks, videos, a vacuum:)!, and markers. It was a vacuum Christmas! lol She loved sitting in her chair and playing. It was so cute. I made breakfast casserole for the first time and we just enjoyed the morning together.
Playing with her new blocks in her new chair:)
Every year we each get a lottery card in our stocking...the crossword ones are our favorite! I won $5!!

Everyone gets a vacuum!

She did good at pulling the stuff out of her stocking!
Charlie got me a James Avery butterfly. 2 hearts make a butterfly. He is sweet:)
I made him a personalized mouse pad!
Opening away........

Later after the sun had done some damage to that snow, we traveled to my parent's house. My poor dad either has the flu or some other bad cold so we really didn't see him much. He was sleeping and we didn't want him to come out and get Savi sick. We saved his presents for another time. Savi got many more presents:) A cell phone, bath toys, clothes, blocks, and a wagon. My parents got us a Sams Membership....such a good gift! I am always borrowing hers! Charlie also got a toaster oven and some clothes. I got an Ihome, jeans, other clothes, and A COACH PURSE! My mom said they were having some amazing deal and she got me one. I love it!:)

What is on top of my head?
She is in school to be a teacher, and I found teacher golf balls;)

I truly hope all of you had an amazing Christmas!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

We took Savi to see Santa and she did great! Although mommy was in the picture too, which helped:) She was definitely nervous about the jolly man in the red suit. I decided I would rather have a happy baby, than a screaming crying red faced santa picture. Just a preference:)

On Saturday Charlie went to his family Christmas that we do every year. Sadly I could not go because my dad had bought months ago tickets to the inaugural basketball game at Cowboys Stadium (A post to follow though on the awesomeness of that stadium) long before we knew what day Ross Family Christmas would be. I hated missing it, but there was nothing I could do. Basically all the cousins, aunts, and uncles get together and we each buy a gift for the person we were assigned. It is mostly just between the "kids" meaning all us cousins. But usually some other gifts sneak there way in. Here is Savi all ready to go in her Christmas jumper.

Love this little girl so much!

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Colors of the Rainbow

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Someone has discovered crayons:) She is so cute when she tries to draw! She carries her crayons and paper around and stops to draw and then is on the move. Shhh...don't tell Savi, but mommy and daddy bought her those special markers that only write on the special paper! Hopefully she can color a little easier and mommy can rest assured her walls won't show up with stick figures all over them:)

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Daddy's Girl

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am blessed so much in every way. But in one way particular is a husband that LOVES to be at home with our baby girl. They have a special routine every day. Each day he gives me updates about how she is doing and sometimes sends me pictures of her:) He teaches her new things and she just loves her daddy. I thank the Lord every second for these two gifts in my life!

They're so silly:)

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Sugar Plum Fairies

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This past Saturday I had my Christmas dance recital. Just a small informal one before we take a break for the holidays. We do it at a nursing home for the residents. The girls did great!

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Joy in my heart!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Savannah is such a joy lately. She has such a personality these days and has favorites of things. She gets all excited about Elmo on Sesame Street and loves her Ernie doll;) All kinds of things excite her. It is so fun to watch her grow.

Here she is watching Sesame Street after just getting up. Daddy is still asleep.

She is also enjoying playing by herself some. She loves this set of blocks we got her. She just plays and talks. I love to just sit back and watch.

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Christmas Card

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I just finished my Christmas cards and will try to get them all mailed by Wednesday! The pictures don't exactly go perfectly color wise, but I so wanted to include them each. So who cares and there is always next year:)

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Christmas Trees

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I already did a small post about our Kids Christmas Tree earlier, but at Kelly's Korner, we are sharing all of our Christmas trees, so here I will be putting up some more pictures of our trees! You can see my other post about the Kids Xmas tree here!

Charlie and I did our formal tree together. We have a red, green, and gold theme, and it looks absolutely beautiful when all lit up!

The Kid's Christmas tree is a combination of all our ornaments we had as a kid, including ones we made ourselves. We intend to add Savi's ornaments to this tree as well.

Both trees are beautiful! I love Christmas!

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Definitely Christmas Time!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On Sunday I put up outdoor Christmas stuff for the first time. Last year was our first Christmas in the house but we also had a newborn. Decorating outside just wasn't going to happen. Much easier this year and I LOVE it! Just simple enough to get done quick but still looks pretty cute I think:)

Also this morning, the fine area of Dallas, TX got its first winter blanket of snow!!!! Just a little one and maybe the only one….but one! It is special here. It stays for a short time and just looks pretty. The best kind really. It doesn't disrupt much and you get to look at it just long enough to enjoy, and then it melts away:)

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