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Monday, June 29, 2009

This weekend was pretty good. I spent a lot of time with the family since Marissa just got home! On Friday we went out to dinner at Bennihanas to celebrate Marissa and dad's birthdays. And kinda father's day too since my dad was out of town at the time. It was so good!

Charlie and I have been reaping the benefits this weekend of all my cooking that I did early this past week. One of my co workers found this website called where they post once a month all the recipes, grocery list, and process to make enough meals for 30 days. We took a couple things out that we didn't like and didn't make any of the breakfast, but in all we made 8 types of dishes. You buy all the groceries and then plan to cook for about 4-6 hours. It wasn't that bad though. The worst was seeing my kitchen a huge mess, but it got all cleaned up so all was well with the world:) Each thing we made I will get 2-4 meals out of. Everything you make gets frozen. So when you are ready to eat all you have to do is heat in the oven or microwave. We made lasagna, BBQ meatloaf, beef and macaroni soup, Asian chicken salad, tater tot casserole, chicken enchiladas, taquitos, and sun dried tomato pin wheels. You have to cook with a partner because it takes that much work and the recipes are going to make enough for 2 families. Since Charlie and I only eat for 2 right now we split it between 3 families. My grocery bill for my portion was $47. Not bad at all and we have plenty of food to show for it!

Sunday night we finally had a little celebration for Father's Day. Charlie worked last Sunday and in the evening I was at a wedding. I made dinner and kept Savi up and we gave Charlie his present. It is a stepping stone. At some point Charlie wants to spruce up our side yards and just put down mulch and stepping stones because the grass has a hard time growing with the other houses blocking the sun. I think he really liked it and I plan to do many more over the years to keep adding to our backyard. Charlie is a wonderful father and he just plays and has so much fun with Savannah. I could not ask for a better father for my children. I hope you had a wonderful 1st father's day baby!

Lastly we added this new piece of furniture. I got it off craigslist. I am a huge fan of craigslist. Don't worry I am careful, none of this crazy meet up in a hotel stuff. Anyway I have been looking for a nice tv stand and this one was orginally from Pier 1. I need to decorate it better, this was just stuff I had on hand. I love the piece though and only $20!
Savannah has her doctor appointment later this week. Hopefully things will be fine. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday so we are having dinner at there house. Friday we are headed to Tyler for some 4th of July fun and pool time. Fun filled week ahead:)

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Home Tour-Master Bedroom

Friday, June 26, 2009

This week at Kellys Korner we are touring Master Bedrooms! I spend the absolute most time in my bedroom. When I am resting this is where I do it. My dvr is in there and my nice comfy bed. I sit in bed watching my dvr shows while I am on the lap top....pure bliss:) I have a saying that I need to put up above our bed but I have been holding off because we might paint. We will see. I know how Kelly feels about the baby stuff over taking your room. She is worth it though:)
Now that she crawls in our room she loves to head over to the entertainment center and open the doors and pull out dvds! Hilarious:)
She has a ball!

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One Small Lump...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey, this is Charlie posting. Things have been kind of crazy for us this week, and I know Brittany hasn't really had a chance to post. I thought I would share a little bit about one part of our crazy weekend.

On Saturday, I noticed a very small lump on the outside of Savannah's left ankle. It's very close to that bone you can feel sticking out. Any kind of lump is an alarm for me, and after my mom, who is an NICU nurse, was miffed as well, we decided to schedule an appointment with our peditrician.

Since Sundays are closed at our pedi's office (whose pedi actually is open on Sunday, right?), we got in on Monday. Our doctor was off, but we saw another one and he said all the warning signs, or signals for alarm were not present, which was a huge sigh of relief. Nevertheless, he also said that since ankles/feet are not his specialty, we'd have to go see a Pedi Orthopedist to see what needs to be done about the lump. We have that appointment next Tuesday. So everyone say your prayers for our baby girl's foot! I'm sure everything will be okay, but a little prayer never hurts!

Savannah is totally okay and oblivious to the small lump on her ankle. She is able to stand up, walk in her walker, apply pressure, to no effect. She probably doesn't even know it's there!

On a lighter note, our baby girl is crawling all over the place now. She has this funny little shuffle where she plants her right foot and uses that to push off and propel herself forward. She also is imitating what we say occasionally, especially mama, dada, and the occasional cough or raspberry. She's so cute!

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(Over Due) Weekend and a Monday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This weekend was crazy busy and I am feeling very tired at the moment! Friday night I went out for Kimberly's bachelorette party. We went and saw The Wizard of Oz musical. It was really good.

The bride to be:)
All us girls at Maggianos!

Then Saturday morning Charlie and I went to Six Flags. It was pretty hot but not to bad. We got there really early and ran Batman first. I figured out real fast that I don't care for roller coasters that much anymore. At least not the ones that do loops and stuff. Just the basics for me…up and down! We rode a water ride to cool off and then the guys stood on the bridge after and got soaked. They loved it (did I say guys, I meant boys:))

After a great lunch at the park we headed home to pick up our little girl. We then spent the afternoon doing some family stuff and then I went grocery shopping. Sunday was Father's Day and Kimberly's wedding. I was sad that we couldn't do much for Charlie. He had to work so breakfast was out and then for the evening I was at the wedding. We are planning to celebrate later this week. Savi and I have a great gift for Charlie. The wedding turned out beautiful. A tad hot, but well worth the happy occasion.

Cake topper that I made. If anyone needs one, let me know:)

I took Monday off knowing I would have a busy weekend and I worked a little Monday night. I took Savi to get pictures done for her 9 months and 4th of July. They turned out ok. The photographer could have been a bit more silly to help get Savi to smile. Oh well. We went to the pool as a family and had a great time. Savannah loves the water and it felt quite good as long as we stayed in the pool. A great day off!

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Home Tour-Play Room/Laundry

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are touring Play Rooms/Laundry Rooms at Kelly's Korner. I kinda showed my play room a while back when we were doing living rooms because it kind of serves as both. But oh well I will do it again:) And when I get home I will add pics of my laundry room. Our game room/play room is upstairs and nice and open. We have an area for watching movies and stuff and then Savi has a section with her toys and blanket to roll around on. Eventually I will add bins to organize all of her stuff and probably a little table for her to color on and stuff.

Here is Savi's play area and our game shelf. Charlie and I love to play games. Here is one of my prouder moments when I beat him in Scrabble!
Where we watch tv and where Savi enjoys Baby Einstein and hopefully many more Disney movies:)This my family photo wall. We had one when I was a kid and I can always remember looking at it no matter how many times I had stared at it before. I will keep adding to it and plan to work on adding old photos also...grandparents, great grandparents etc.

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What's up doc?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Savannah had her 9 month doctor appointment last Friday. She did great. She weighs almost 17lbs and is 27 3/4 long. She is only in the 20% for weight. Charlie and I were worried at first but the doctor said that is ok as long as she steadily progress and her weight isn't like a roller coaster of up and downs. So she is just our little tiny baby:) She is progressing great in all the normal milestones and is happy and healthy! We got the green light on adding in meats to the diet and some other things now that she has some teeth. For the last couple of days though Savi has acted like she isn't enjoying the meats so much. Hopefully she is just getting used to it all. We did however introduce her to shredded cheese and she is loving that! Hilarious:) She is also mimicking us in noises. We are doing it every chance we get!

I also went to the doctor to have a minor procedure done. The fun filled removal of a pre cancerous mole. I know some doctors take more/less out depending on there preferences but mine took a pretty big chunk just to be safe because of some other medical history. So it was sore for a bit and now is doing pretty good. I will have my stitches taken out later this week and then I still have 2 more to do. Fun times. Warning: Picture of bruising and stitches below.....

This weekend was HOT! Saturday Savi and I went to this new nursery we discovered near the house with whole sale flowers and plants. So we bought some new flowers and then ran a couple other errands. Sunday we relaxed and then my friend, Kristin, came over to hang out and we took Savi to the pool. Kristin watched Savi while I went to work and then Charlie relieved her once he got home. Next weekend we have a lot going on!!!

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Home Tour - Bathrooms!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This week at Kelly's Korner we are touring bathrooms. We have 2.5 bathrooms in our house. I am showing our master bath, kids bath, and our half bath. I spend a lot of time in our bathroom so I def took the time to decorate it. We recently painted the bathroom a dark red and added a couple touches. I think it turned out nicely. I just need to find a good curtain or panel and it will be complete.

My new addition to our bathroom:) A butt sketch of me!

Now I may have another baby that turns out to be a boy and in that case I will have to change this bathroom. But for now it is polka dots:) I like how it is bright and simple. Savi seems to like it too:)

This is our half bath downstairs. I painted it one Saturday all by myself. It is a khaki color. I really like how it turned out. I think the only addition to this bathroom that I would like would be a long runner rug.

On the wall in my bathroom.

Thanks for looking:)

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Craziness and Happiness!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So last night we had a pretty awful storm come through! It was scary. I was home by myself with Savi for most of it. We had to get all the animals, some toys, a flashlight, and the phone and get into the closet. I hated every minute of it! My family had just left there dog with us so we can watch him while they are out of town. So pure craziness. Just to add to it though I look outside to see the worst storm ever and my fence blown over! So this morning we get up and try to figure out what to do. We look outside around 7:45am to see our neighbors dog in our back yard!!! RIDICULOUS! Did they really not even notice that half of there fence is missing?? (We share fence lines with all of our neighbors) So we go knock on there door and no answer. About 5 minutes later they I guess open up the door and call the dog in because he is gone. Then 20 minutes later they let the dog BACK outside and proceed to leave the house. have to be kidding me. So now their dog is running all over our yard and mind you it is not some cute little dog. It is a large bull mastiff or something to that nature. So we crate him in our backyard. Charlie is working hard to get it all fixed hopefully. I plan to call the city on our neighbors. At this point they are not properly taking care of there dog and there backyard is horrible. There "grass" is 4-5ft tall from not mowing it. I am fet up after this morning. We will see what happens.Our poor fence. Charlie has already re staked the pole in this picture.
My horrible neighbors and there gross yard.

On a much happier little Savi is 9 months old! OMG time flys! She is rolling in all directions and can go from her tummy to sitting straight up. She is pulling up to her knees and sometimes her feet. I love watching her eat puffs and mum mums. They dissolve real easy and she loves to feed herself. She is holding her own bottle and sippy cup. Savi talks up a storm but only she knows what she is saying:) We are just working on waving and she is so close to crawling. I am in no rush for her to grow up though, so things are just fine. Here is my cute little angel that brings me such happiness!

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I beat Charlie in Scrabble. Ok this is a big deal!!! He always beats me. He is very good at the game and always sees what words and where to put them. I am usually struggling just to keep up. I am barely a challenge. But some how today I caught a break. My first word was traitor and that used up all my tiles. Great way to start out. From then on it was smooth sailing. Not only did I beat him, but it wasn't even close. This will not happen again prob for some time, so I will enjoy it while I can:)
The winning board:)

The score sheet! 292 to 234

Me being a "good" sport:) Love you hon!

Me just plain happy!

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Fun Times

Monday, June 08, 2009

This weekend was nice. Saturday Savi took a great morning nap and then off we went. Savi and I saw Kristin and then went to my parents for the afternoon. My mom and I ran some errands and then Savi and I headed home. Nothing crazy about the day, just nice. Savannah (like her mommy) enjoys a good trip to Target any day. So Sunday we went to go stroll Target and get a couple of things. We came home and Savannah took a nap while I got ready for Kimberly's bridal shower. Once she woke up we left for the shower. Savi was so good and was mommies little angel. The shower turned out great and was a lot of fun! We went home and waited for dad to get home. Charlie picked up Taco Bell for dinner and all was well with the world:) John and Kim opening presents!
Kylie holding Savi:)

Savi being a good little girl at the shower:)

Jackie and I!

So I am enjoying the Bachlorette and one of the guys, Mark, job title is Pizza Entrepreneur? Anyone know what that is?? Does he invent ways to make pizza or perhaps new ways to sell pizza. Sounds like fun either way! Jake is my favorite for right now. Even if Wes does or doesn't have a gf I don't care for him. He can go anytime now and that would be great.

Does this photo say pizza entrepreneur??

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