Paid Off!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All that time spent perusing the lovely world of Pinterest paid off:) I made this for Charlie's family Christmas get together. I thought it turned out great! Super easy:)

Merry Christmas!

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A Christmas Wedding

Monday, December 19, 2011

My sister got married this weekend and everything turned out beautiful! She wanted a Christmas time wedding. My mom planned alot of the wedding because my sister doesn't live in TX and she did a great job. All the perfect Christmas touches:) I love my sister so much and we are so close. She found a great guy and I'm so happy for her. They are enjoying a wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Rehearsal:) She rehearsed much better than she preformed. I still love her:)


My sister and I:)
The happy couple!

Centerpieces my mom made!

Love her to death!

Mr. and Mrs!
My husband is amazing:)


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Wedding Festivities

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My sister just got married, but before I post her wedding pics from the big day I wanted to document her lingerie shower we had a couple weeks ago. It was so nice and beautiful. The perfect intimate setting. A lot of her friends live in MS where she lives right now. So we had a small shower for her over Thanksgiving break.

The Bride To Be:)
Hello Kitty always makes an appearance when my sister is around!

Such a fun night!

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Candy Canes and Lollipops

Thursday, December 08, 2011

We got our decorations out as soon as Thanksgiving was over. Savannah and baby Charlie helped me decorate our "kids tree" upstairs. Savannah did really well, but tended to pick the same branch for all her ornaments. Mommy helped spread them out:)

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All the single ladies...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Well not really single, but a fun night for sure. My sister is getting married in a few weeks and we got to have her lingerie shower over Thanksgiving break. It was hosted by her good friend Paige and was a small intimate group. My sister lives in Mississippi, so a lot of her friends are there. We still have a good time!

Paige had everything so cute. Hello Kitty touches of sister loves HK. ie why my daughter likes it so much. Introduced to it by none other than her aunt:) We had yummy catered mexican food and then opened some presents. She got some great stuff and then we just enjoyed talking and cake! I'm super excited for the wedding in a few weeks.

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A Woman of Many Talents

Monday, December 05, 2011

We spent the day after Thanksgiving with Charlie's family and had round 2 of a yummy meal! It was nice weather and a great day. The kids always have fun playing out there.

At the very end Savannah asked her Pops if she could hold his guitar. He gladly let her and she actually sat there and played with it. Played it meaning sat there for more than 30 seconds and just had fun with the noise from the strings. Time to get her in some lessons:)

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Catching Up

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I've been so busy at work and enjoying my holidays that I haven't been very good at blogging. I have been reading blogs, just not keeping up on mine:(

We had a great Thanksgiving and definitely had full bellies. I actually got to host it for the first time! I thought I would offer to my mom and see if she took me up on it and she did. She has had to do alot of extra work preparing for my sister's wedding, so I think this was hopefully a help. Charlie and I managed to cook Thanksgiving dinner and I think everyone enjoyed. My mom brought dessert and sweet potatoes also. It was all so yummy!

I got some black friday shopping in and I'm super pumped about my sewing machine. Charlie let me just go ahead and buy it, but it's my christmas present. Oh the things I will make:)

The kids are doing great. Savannah is talking in sentences and making more and more sense everyday when it comes to pronouns and other grammar. She loves dance and her school. I'm so excited to go see her little Christmas dance recital!!! Baby C is talking more and using new words. He can now say Elmo, bath, night night, uh oh, fishy, dog, woof woof, and quack. He is showing is true colors/personality lately. It is fun to see. He is trying to be picky with food also. I don't remember Savannah going through this stage. He likes most things, but likes to decide one day to eat it and the next day have no interest in it. Very frustrating sometimes.

He does however like chocolate:)

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