Monkey Business

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First baths are so special. We learned the hard way with Savannah that warmer is always better:) Her first bath was probably to cold, she screamed the whole time. With baby Charlie we made it warm and he seemed quite comfy! And he had his cute monkey towel to wrap up in!

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Savannah is 2!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It has been crazy experiencing love for two children. I was really nervous about this part. How do you make sure both kids know you love them equally and so much?! We are working hard to make sure Savannah feels lots of love.

Last Saturday, September 11, was my precious Savannah's birthday. She turned 2! So crazy that we have a 2 year old! I had planned for her to have a big Candy Land themed party in a couple weeks. However in my head I had planned for Charlie to be off for that weekend after I had the baby. Well since he came early, Charlie went back to work sooner and hadn't asked for that time off. So he would not only not be able to attend her party, but I would be left alone that day to prepare for it with a newborn and Savi. I just didn't foresee this going well and felt we needed to change plans. I felt awful about this. I so wanted her to have her big party and now I was rushing to plan something in 48 hours. She deserves so much more! Post partum hormones played a huge part in my feelings I think. I know she doesn't really know the difference, but as all moms can probably just want to give your kids the world.

Well I sent out a quick email to the most important people that we wanted there and put together some food and ordered a cake. I made Savannah a banner last year that said "Savannah's Sweets" and decided that I would always do a sweets table as a tradition at all her parties. Charlie and I gave her a big play kitchen that she loved. I love her so much and hopefully she enjoyed her special day!

She loved her kitchen and it was fully stocked with food! My parents gave her a pot set to go with it!

Her Aunt Missy gave her the cutest shoes from Sketchers called Twinkle Toes. They are all blinged out and light up! Love them:)
Happy Birthday my sweet Savannah!

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A Baby Story

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I guess it's natural to become MIA for a week or two after having a baby. But I hate being behind on reading my blogs! Hopefully I can get caught up soon:)

Here is our story of how our precious one came into this world! Friday, September 3rd I went to the doctor. They did another sonogram and confirmed he was still measuring a tad big, but everything looked good. I had progressed to more like 30% effaced and was still dilated to a 2. Nothing major, but progress! I had a huge desire to go into labor naturally. I just really wanted to experience it that way. We were set to induce on the 9th, so I had 6 days to go into labor on my own or we would induce. The only reason we were inducing is to eliminate the chance of Savannah and Baby C sharing the same birthday. I wanted them to each have there own day. So I went back to work and later Charlie called me. He said his mom hadn't seen Savi in awhile and offered to not only watch her for the evening but since the drive is a little far, let her spend the night. Normally I would be kinda against it, because my baby has never spent the night anywhere else. But it meant Charlie and I could have a full date night which would be rare after the 2nd one came and it helped me out for Saturday morning as well. So we agreed. I knew she was in good hands and would have a blast. So immediately we decided to go to The Melting Pot. We love this place! I met up with Charlie after work and off we went. We had a great dinner and decided to just head home after. I was tired and having braxton hicks contractions around the end of dinner. So we came home to a quiet house and folded clothes for Baby C's closet. We missed Savi so much!

Around 4am I woke up and went to the bathroom. Not sure if the need to use the restroom woke me or if it was the contractions. But when I tried to go back to sleep I noticed them and they seemed different. I didn't want to wake Charlie just yet, because he technically had work to get up for in an hour and I found out he was having a surprise shower thrown for him that day. I hated for him not to go to work and I was just in false labor. I hung out and started to time them for about 45 minutes. I decided to take a shower and while in the shower decided I think these are legit and woke Charlie up. We came to the conclusion they were about 10 minutes apart. Not quite ready for the hospital, I did what every girl would do.....I did my hair and makeup:) I needed a distraction. I would do my hair in 10 minute intervals and then have to stop to get through the contraction. As time passed they got a little worse. We decided it was time to go to the hospital around 7am. God had watched over us and Savannah was of course at Charlie's moms house. So she was taken care of. Made it so much easier. From our house to the hospital the contractions turned into every 5 minutes. We got to the hospital and they wheelchaired me to labor and delivery. I was 50% effaced and at 5cm. This was it:) We got started on the epidural. Once it was all in, I was feeling much better. Then they broke my water. That made my contractions feel much worse and I noticed my left side wasn't working for the epidural. Contractions were really hurting and we tried and tried to get the epidural to work but it wouldn't. Charlie helped me breath through it and in a matter of 20 minutes I was ready to push. I was completely aware of everything and it was such a cool experience. I pushed for about 5 minutes and then out he came. So we got there at 7:30am and he was born at 9:56am! The whole thing was exactly how I wanted it. I loved it!

Just before we left for the hospital. In between a contraction of course;)

Going home!

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Baby Charlie

Saturday, September 04, 2010

He is here and we are doing great! He arrived 9/4 at 9:56am, 7lbs 15oz, and 20in long!

And big sis is adjusting quite well:)

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