Show Us Your Life-SINGLES!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ok people, this is internet dating at its best!!! I swear:) This coming from someone who met the love of her life on! Anyway over at Kelly's Corner, it is show us your singles and she has 7 success stories. I find this crazy and SUPER cool. I have the perfect friend!

Kristin is one of my best friends and deserves truly the world. She is 29 and lives in north Dallas. She works as an event manager for a well known hotel company in Plano, TX. Basically she plans weddings every single day. So to say she is patiently waiting for her turn would be an understatement for sure! She plans lots of other types of events too… don’t worry, she isn't wedding obssessed:) We met when she started planning my wedding! Since then we have become very close. She is honest, caring, and super fun to be around. If I had to pinpoint what she is looking for….I would say a good Christian boy who was raised right and knows how to treat a girl! Also tall would be good. She is 5'10. Other than that, the skies the limit:) Seriously though, if you want a great girl….Kristin is it!!!

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  1. Savanah // June 23, 2011 at 5:33 PM  

    OH MY GOSH! What a small world! I know Kristen!!! My ex fiance worked with her and Justin (her ex boyfriend). Crazy. She is such a sweet girl and anyone would be lucky to meet her :) Tell her I say hello!