Thursday, August 05, 2010

I have been nesting a lot lately! Doing the nursery sort of fulfilled that craving, but I still get the urge to just clean. Yesterday I mopped, vacummed, cleaned bathrooms, and all sorts of things. I have been purging things of Savannah's for a consigment sale coming up that will hopefully bring in some extra money and pay for what I buy her there! I also made pot roast with vegetables last night. It turned out yummy! So I'm all around nesting:) Tomorrow I am 35 weeks. I officially sleep sitting up as Baby Charlie just gets to much into my lungs at night when I lay flat and makes it hard to breathe. Plus it seems to be a lot of pressure on my back also, because I was waking up with my back hurting. It is kinda awkward to sleep in this position, but I sleep better and have less issues once I wake up.

Yummy pot roast!

Look at this cute cookie monster:) I give her one small chocolate chip cookie and it ends up all over her face! Her face was worth it. To her it must have been the best cookie ever. Kids get such pleasure over the smallest things:) I love it!

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