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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well my day off was pretty good, but had a slight bump. We got up and Charlie felt a little blah but not to bad. So off to Lowes we went. We bought everything we needed and headed home. I put Savi down for a nap while Charlie rested and ate some toast. He said he was feeling better so he went to mow while I started on the flower bed. After he finished he felt horrible and said he needed to go lay down. He proceeded to feel nauseous and never was able to come back outside. Poor thing! By then Savi had woken up and I was left with everything we had bought from Lowes spread out on the front lawn. I called up MIL and she rescued me for about 15 minutes while I cleaned up. She even brought Charlie's brother to help with the heavy stuff. THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH! Savi and I just hung out the rest of the day. Charlie started to feel better and was all better yesterday. Charlie was able to finish most of the yard stuff yesterday. It came out great. We did new flowers in the front and trimming and in the back some new landscaping. Crepe myrtles across the back and a couple new flower beds.

Does anyone see that line indention in my yard? That is my crazy dog! He takes the exact same path up the yard everyday and has created that! Don't know what to do with him sometimes:)

Savi is 8 1/2 months and I am loving her personality these days. She is such a good baby. Yesterday we started to get the sounds of mamamamama, so I am sure it is coming soon! We are trying to teach her to wave. She sort of did it yesterday. Could have been a fluke though so we will see! She has been taking her paci a lot more lately. She kinda grew out of it a long time ago and then all the sudden she likes to take naps with it. It is so sweet. And it makes naps/bed time super easy. She has 2 bottom teeth and is eating her puffs (those cheerio like things that dissolve). She is starting to take the sippy cup a little also. Savi is growing so fast! It is crazy to think about the fact that in 3 1/2 months I will be planning a 1 year old birthday party!!! I love her so much!

On a totally different note…Does anyone else have a husband that enjoys wearing swim shorts as regular shorts? Lol Charlie loves to do this. And I can't really figure out why. He has clean shorts and swim shorts don't seem overly comfy?? It doesn't really bother me, I just think it is kinda funny. Especially when he picks the neon orange/red ones. That is the best. Love you hon!

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  1. Mighty M // May 20, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

    Haha - I've seen my hubby wearing swim shorts as "shorts" before. Not sure what the appeal is! Your yard looks great - it looks nice and big and safe too - what a great place for Savi to play when she gets older! My son has a few months on Savi, and I am STILL waiting to hear the precious "mama" come from his lips. He is a great waver though. ;-)