Tyler Wedding

Monday, April 06, 2009

Charlie and I had a great time on our little trip to Tyler. Savannah did very well. Taking her out of her comfort zone is hard and she did great! We drove down Thursday night so Charlie could make it to the bachelor party. Friday was the rehearsal and then Saturday was the wedding. Savannah did great during the ceremony. She just played in my lap with the program and then I sat her in the grass next to me and she would grabs scoops of grass and watch it blow away. She was totally entertained and didn't make a peep (except for a sneeze:) )We drove home Saturday night. Great to spend time with all of the family and see the beautiful wedding of J'Vonne and Lee. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Savannah playing with her tea party in the hotel.

Happy Savi!

Daddy loves her!

I love him!

The happy couple!

Mil and Dil:)

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