Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The excitement still hasn't gone away, and I am still pumped about finding out our baby will be a girl! I'm talking to her now, using her name, trying to coax her into giving us a little kick every now and then. Thinking about all these things, I realized how many things Brit and I do on a normal basis are about to have an extra spin on them. Whenever I run errands, I will have baby with me. When we go out to eat, I will be needing high chairs. Whenever we go to familys' houses, or friends', we will be bringing a play yard. Going to the zoo will be a whole new experience. All these normal things we do will continue to happen, but there will be an additional new twist to each of them. And I am excited about it!

I think, that as a dad, I will be facing a rough, but fun, road. If we were having a boy, it would be alot easier, because I can relate and would know how to approach situations as they occur. But a girl is a whole new world. I have no sisters, and haven't been around any baby girls for any extended period of time. I'm going to take an each day at a time approach. Everything will be new. I'm going to have to learn how to do hair, put on little dresses and outfits (and make sure everything actually matches), and let myself experience wonderful new things like tea parties, dress-up, barbies, and princesses. At least that's the stereotype I'm assuming. But it will all be fun. I'm sure of it! Well, except for one thing. I'm not sure I am prepared for the mother/daughter shopping sprees. That will be a tough one!

Our crib set (bedding and accesories) should arrive today. Here is a pic of it below. If it does indeed arrive today, I'm sure Brittany will have it all set up before I get home! It's going to look great.

On a similar note, Brittany and I registered at Babies R Us on Sunday. Working in a NICU, I knew most of the things that were in there are things we will need, but I was NOT prepared for how many options and different styles there were. They have everything! We chose not to register for the crib bedding, clothes, and a few other things we already have...but everything else was fair game. And man, baby stuff sure is expensive. I almost feel guilty for putting things on our list. Like the baby monitoring system was $100 or so! Eesh, just for one item! But overall, it was really fun, and got us both really excited. We're praying for another healthy 20 weeks!

To close today's entry, I have to announce that last week I declared war on the ants in our backyard. Five ant mounds versus yours truly. It was an ugly match. Previous attempts over the last 3 weeks were unsuccessful, so I came out swinging last Friday. First, I flooded each mound and flattened them to the ground. Then, I sprayed one of my ant killers on all the mounds and drenched the swarming ants. And finally, I took my Andro and spread it around each mound. The next morning there was no activity in 4/5 mounds. In fact, I saw birds eating the exposed ant eggs the day before! The one mound had a grand total of 3 ants I saw, and each one of those was carrying Andro. Tomorrow I will go back and see if all the mounds are destroyed! Let's hope my flooding the mounds didn't cause them to move, but I'm pretty confident I finished the job this time.

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