Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, this past Monday was my birthday. I'm a ripe, old 27. Brittany planned a surprise for me last Friday, and my whole family was there. It was a really fun night. We went to a Frisco Rough Riders game. Brittany even got my name up on the scoreboard! The Rough Riders lost, but it was still great. There were even fireworks after the game!

On Sunday, I was supposed to go over to my parents' house for dinner for a small family birthday. However, there was so much food left over at my cousin Angie's bridal shower, that we all went there instead and celebrated! The food was very good. My parents replaced all of my Harry Potter DVDs that were stolen and also got me a gift certificate to Lowe's, which I plan to put to very good use.

On Monday, my actual birthday, I worked, and we had a very good lunch. That night, Brittany and I ordered a FREE! Mr. Jim's pizza. I had a great birthday, so thank you to Brittany and my family for making it so special!

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