Countdown: 20 days

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday, April 24th. That's our date for the ultrasound that SHOULD tell us whether we are having a boy or girl. Brittany will be 19 weeks and 4 days at that point. This is all assuming, of course, that our baby isn't modest and decides to hide from us. Brittany is hoping for a girl (which the perinatologist thinks it is), and I am still holding out hope for a boy! Twenty more days and we will know for sure!

Last night's storm was pretty intense. I think we had 50-60 mph winds at our house. And the hail was marble size, but I think we got a few golf ball size hail as well. There were some pretty nasty thuds hitting our house. It was about 0145am and I was about ready to get Brittany and the pets downstairs and into the closet underneath the stairs. But it suddenly and instantly let up. Afterwards, we got some more rain, but that was about it. I haven't checked to see what all the wind and hail did to our house, if anything at all, but I will definitely do it tonight. I guess, to be on the positive side, at least we got some more rain!

I think my loving husband may be exagerating a bit on the hail we may have received. Perhaps just normal size and nothing quite as big as GOLF BALL SIZE:) Gotta love him!

I guarantee there were several golf ball size hail that hit the house last night! After all, I did go outside at 2am to see the storm :)

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