Oh, the childbirth!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Brittany and I have been pretty busy the last couple of days. I have had the opportunity to work alot of extra hours, which is great, because I normally do not get the chance. Yesterday, we left Tarheels alone for the first time while we were at work. We closed our bedroom door, but he pretty much had access to the rest of the house. Our main concern was that he would not use his litterbox and go somewhere else. Luckily though, he did great! No messes, nothing knocked over or on the floor, and he used his litterbox everytime! I arrived home first last night, and I found him tucked away behind one of the couch pillows sleeping. He likes this spot, because that was the third time I had found him there, and he was there again this morning. Anyways, until we are certain he will leave our bedroom to use his litterbox, that room will stay shut while we are away.

On a bad note, I came home and tried to feed Tarheels, and there were ants all over his food bowl. I tried to find where they were coming from (and believe me, I looked hard), but no luck. The best I can tell is they are coming from somewhere behind the kitchen cabinets. I sprayed ant killer behind the fridge, and tomorrow I will buy some Andro or something to kill the 5+ ant mounds in our backyard. I am pretty confident this will take care of everything, but if it doesn't, I may have to call Mayday, or some pest controller near us.

Finally, Brittany signed us up for Netflix. The first movie we got in the mail was Knocked Up, and we watched that last night. When the contractions and screaming and childbirth were happening, Brittany was curled up by me saying, "This is freaking me out!" Me of course, being stupid, reassured her by saying that she should expect contractions to hurt and that a pain-free delivery was most unlikely. Whimpering, she said, "Lie to me!" I laughed, and told her that of course there would be no pain, that's what drugs are for. She's going to have a fast, easy, pain-free delivery that she'll barely even feel!

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  1. Jen Demaris // April 2, 2008 at 11:42 AM  

    good job on starting a blog it looks good! kind of addicting too though huh? anyways, looks like life is fun! I am trying to convince Clint to let us get a dog! but we need a bigger place first! good luck with that!