Working 8, Off 6

Monday, May 05, 2008

Well, this is 7 out of 8 days at work for me. Needless to say, I'm on the verge of exhausted. One more day will make it 8 out of 9, then I have 6 days off. That's assuming I don't pick up any extra days. I go for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. I know that makes most people cringe, but it really shouldn't. You are under medication and asleep for the entire procedure. You don't feel a thing. In fact, the medication they give you is the best part! Apparently, I get really talkative when I get it. Brittany has not enjoyed our conversations afterwards. Apparently, I don't shut up! Assuming this exam goes well, my doctor will space my visits and exams to once every year, and once every two years, respectively. So cross your fingers for me! Ulcerative Colitis is nasty, but I haven't had a flare-up in almost a year now!

After Wednesday, I plan to do yardwork on Thursday. Going to plant a new flower bed in the backyard. I'll have pics up when I finish it. I'm getting really excited about landscaping my own yard! It's supposed to be 86 degrees on Thursday. I hope it gets hotter. I love the Texas hotness. I love sweating. Man, I'm getting pumped up...

Friday will be all housework: laundry, vacuum, cleaning bathroom, day. BUT, that should leave Brittany and I with a free weekend! Not sure what our plans are for Mother's Day, but at least we will already have everything done.

Baby update: Not much of one except that Brittany is feeling the baby kick more now. It's not common yet, but every now and then she says she can feel her kicking. Brit will be 22 weeks on Wednesday. 18 more to go! You know, I honestly expected Brittany to be a little more hormonal than she is. She has been wonderful throughout these first 22 weeks. Somehow she is still patient with me and all my goofiness. We'll see at 34 and 35 weeks how she is when she's ready for that baby to come OUT!

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