A Dream

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This post will be a little out of the ordinary. I am going to tell about a dream I had last night. I can remember everything in vivid detail, and I've been thinking about it all morning. Maybe you can see why after I am finished!

My brother Chris and I were walking in a seemingly empty neighborhood. In my arms, I had my daughter Savannah, who it seems was about 3 years old. The sky was dark gray, and completely covered with huge, menacing clouds. I remember we were in a hurry. An apocaplyptic event was about to happen, and Chris and I both knew it was coming. (Stay with me here). We were trying to get back to our house quickly, as the catastrophic event was moments away.

People were appearing on the street and we were frantically trying to tell them to get to a shelter. But they wouldn't listen. Savannah was holding on to me tightly, her little arms wrapped around my neck. I remember us being sad, because we had lost Brittany not too long ago. It was just us. As we got to our house, the air turned a bitter cold, and everything was starting to freeze. We rushed inside, dragging two kids from outside our house with us. I have no idea who these kids were, but I knew they were brother and sister. We shut all the doors, closed all the windows, and made our way up to the attic.

Chris started a fire with furniture we had chopped up for wood, and I had somehow brought up enough food and water to last us two weeks, which I believe is how long this event was supposed to happen. Within minutes, the entire house was buried in snow. Everything outside was frozen to death. Chris was huddled with the kids trying to keep warm, and I had Savannah wrapped in my arms, with blankets all around us. We were as close to the fire as we could be. Savannah looked scared. I remember looking into Savannah's eyes and giving her a kiss on the forehead reassuring her that everything would be alright. She hugged me and held on tight to her daddy.

And that was the end of the dream.

Pretty cool dream if you ask me! Apocalyptic event? Struggle to survive! Awesomeness. But what I keep thinking about is my daughter. Whether or not she will have that fair skin and sandy blonde hair, I won't know until later, but I saw my daughter, and held her. Even if it was only a dream, it was real to me!

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  1. Anonymous // May 28, 2008 at 2:22 PM  

    Hey..where was your Daddy and I?
    Have a dream about where we are
    going to end up...I'd like to know!