House Warming

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brittany and I would like to thank everyone that came to our housewarming. We really enjoyed showing everyone our first home! I think Savannah's room was by far the biggest attraction. Personally, that's my favorite room right now too!

I have had the pleasure of enjoying a couple days off from work. I didn't do anything yesterday except for the dishes. When I am off this Thursday, I will have a couple more things to do to make up for my chilling out. I also lifted some weights and ran yesterday too. I can tell when I am really out of shape by how out of breath I am after running. I was able to lift a decent amount when I did the weights, but I could barely run for any extended amount of time. It was run, walk, run, walk, run, out of shape I am. Just need to keep at it. I don't want Savannah to have a wimpy daddy.

Baby update: We have come to the conclusion that Savannah is running out of room in Brittany's tummy. The baby is getting bigger, and is not able to free float around, and do somersaults at will. A couple days ago, Savannah firmly planted herself into Brittany's lower left ribs. And she wouldn't budge...for 24 hours. We thought it was odd that she was so high because Brittany has been carrying her really low. Brittany tried to nudge her down a bit, to no avail. Brittany tried to show me what it felt like by jabbing her finger into my ribs ever so slightly, and not letting up on the pressure. It didn't hurt, but I can definitely see how it would be more than slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately, Savannah moved back down after a day of playing in Britt's ribs.

We also went to our OB for a regular check-up, and everything came back fine and normal. One more visit in four weeks, then we transition to OB visits every two weeks. The closer we get to Brittany's due date, the more frequent we will be going to the doctor.

I will try to get Brittany to post again in a bit. I like hearing what she says about the pregnancy!

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