Sunny Days

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This past weekend was not too busy but still filled with many activities. Friday was my end of the year dance recital. It went pretty well. All of the girls did great and it was a lot of fun. I am ready for a nice little break till we start back up again. Saturday I had no dance! Which excited me so very much. Charlie had to work, so I spent the day cleaning and preparing for the house warming party we were throwing on Sunday. Sunday came and we had a great turn out. We had all of our friends and families there and it was awesome! It was also a beautiful weekend. So after everyone left the house, Charlie and I laid out by the pool for some late afternoon relaxing. It was nice.

Savannah is still doing well and kicking lots now. She likes to kick all day long while I am at my desk. I think it is because she hangs out kinda low in my belly and when I sit in my chair at a 90 degree angle I am cutting into her space:) Sorry Savannah! But don't worry she had her revenge a couple days back when she hung out in my rib cage for about 24 hours. It was so uncomfortable. I could not get her to move. Finally when I went to sleep and woke up she had budged a little and by the early morning had moved all the way out. Thank God! We had a doctors appointment last week and I have officially gained a full 15 pounds. CRAZY! The doctor said everything looked good so we were happy! We later went and bought our first little onesie for her at Carters. We have gotten a couple things from people but we have not bought anything ourselves. It was fun to pick something out. She will look beautiful in it I am sure!

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