She Had A Good Point...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Do you watch The Bachelor? I do! I can’t help myself. I’m not sure how real I think it is, but I’m always hoping for a good happy ending couple because then I know ABC will pay for their wedding. And I’m all about watching a 2 hour special on an extravagant wedding:) Not going to lie!

I liked Jake way back before his season started. I mean he’s from Dallas, so that immediately puts him higher in my book. The more I watched his season, there was something I liked less and less about him. Not sure what, but just not my favorite anymore. Anyway, what I did enjoy about his final episode (did not enjoy his final choice) was his mother. She had a point and I agree. She seemed sweet and the mother to 3 good well raised boys. She said she wanted to make sure whoever marries her son can be friends with the other daughter-in-laws that she has. She feels that once her and her husband are gone, sometimes it is the women that are the glue that hold the family together. Don’t get me wrong, not all men are bad at this but lets face it…..the women tend to be more into the planning and the details. I think once the parents do pass on it is important to keep traditions going and make sure we have lots of family gatherings. My sister and I are super close. Once my parents pass away, we will have no problems with family gatherings. Not to mention we have a VERY small family. One aunt and a couple cousins, and that concludes the immediate family. Whoever she marries will be close to our family, and her kids and my kids will be close as both of us agree we want them to get to spend lots of time together as we didn’t get to spend as much time as we wished with our cousins. So basically no problem there!

Charlie is one of 3 brothers. He is the oldest. He also has a much larger family that is a bit more spread out. Right now he is the only one married. I truly hope that when both of his brothers get married, I can be really good friends with their wives. I know that as life presses on you only tend to keep a couple of really good best friends in your life, and then you have your family. So family is pretty important to me. And when his parents to pass on, I hope that my kids can love and be close to their uncles and future aunts. I think that would greatly increase if I were close with them too. I try hard right now as they are dating and have girlfriends, but it can be hard for me. Definitely a worry for the future, but it is close to my heart.

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