Showering Savannah with LOVE!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I was so lucky to have 2 showers in the last couple of weeks. Charlie and I are very blessed. We got some much needed items;) Cathy hosted my first one and it turned out so perfect! Almost everyone was able to come and I had a great time. Then my work threw me a surprise shower and I was definitely surprised. It was very sweet and I am thankful my good friend Kristin was able to organize it. Below are some pics of the great stuff we got! Charlie's work is throwing him one soon. I bet he will have alot of fun opening all that girly stuff:)

Charlie and I took a hospital class/tour last weekend. So helpful and made me feel that much better about going through all this. The rooms are really nice at the hospital. We got some good info on where to go and how the process kind of works.

Savannah is moving and growing. I'm getting a little more uncomfortable as the days go on but not to bad. The heat is super fun! Just the constant need to pee, and being hungry 24/7 is crazy. I am 35 weeks today, so only 5 weeks to go. I think she is going to come early. Just a feeling Charlie and I have. We both can't help but think that. We will see!

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