33 weeks!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow, we have made it to 33 weeks. Brittany is getting bigger! Although, not too big, she still doesn't look quite as far along as she really is. Things have gone by pretty quickly for us the past several weeks. Just regular day in, day out kinds of stuff.

My yardwork has become a sort of a hobby. I really enjoy getting out, mowing the yard, working in the flower beds, and trying to make my plants and trees GROW! The pecan tree my dad gave us has sprouted from about 15 inches to almost 5 feet! The tree now comes up to my chin and it's still sprouting growth out the top! The nandinas I planted are struggling now. I'm not really sure why. They just seem to have no new growth and are the same as I planted them. And finally, they chaste tree I planted has exploded. It has nearly doubled in size. The blooms are very pretty, and fragrant too. Lots of butterflies on that one, a positive aspect I know Brittany likes.

On the downside, weeds are a constant battle. We are fortunate enough to live next to two yards that are, for the most part, kept up just enough to get by. Which means weeds grow rampant and are constantly trying to invade our yard. Don't get me wrong, the neighbors are nice, but yardwork is far down on the priority list it seems. I am spraying or pulling weeds every week. Don't tell my neighbors, but I sprayed into their grass too. I killed alot of their weeds on the side yard, but I took most of the sparse grass with it.

For those that know, my parents are moving! They want to be on some land with acreage, trees, pond, etc. And they sold their house! So now they are exploring their options, though they have to be out of their house by the end of August. I am crossing my fingers that their search leads to a house near Brittany and I. Not only could I save on gas by car pooling with my mom, but Savannah has family close by if we need them! Now if only there was a way to convince them that moving close to us, even if temporarily, was the best idea ever...

Back to Brittany and the baby...the baby is creeping up on 4 or so pounds! She's probably not quite there yet, but she's getting really close. At night, she is still really active when Brittany is sleep. It's not so much that she's kicking as much, just moving around ALOT. That's good, because that means she is running out of room! Getting bigger! If Savannah were to be born today, she would still need some form of oxygen treatment, due to the fact that her lungs are probably not completely developed. Also, her body might not be able to regulate it's temparature just yet, and would have to be in an isolette or under a warmer to help maintain her body heat. Other than that, she'd be a beautiful, yet small, baby girl!

Keep checking back, we're really going to try to keep the blog updated more frequently the closer Brittany gets to her due date. I cannot wait to be a dad!

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