Emotional Pregnant Freak!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It is official, that is exactly what I am. Since I (Brittany) am posting, I am allowed to say that;) Whether I am justified or not justified, I am truly experiencing the ups and downs of emotions that come with pregnancy. So Charlie just deal with me for a bit longer and to show for it will be a beautiful baby girl:)!

This past weekend we went to Charlie's cousin's wedding. Angie looked beautiful! Her ceremony was in Lewisville and then a fun outdoor reception at her dad's house. The power was bit tricky but I think everyone had a great time.
I went to the doctor Monday. I met one of the other doctors in the practice just in case mine is unavailable. He said I looked good and I was on track. I gained 3 more pounds. Kill me now by the way:) Oh well I am sure she will be worth it!

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