You think you understand...

Monday, August 18, 2008

So, this week we go to the OB on Thursday. Once a week now, cervical exams during every one. Last one showed that our little girl was not wanting to come out anytime soon, so we'll re-examine the situation in the next couple days. I know Brittany is ready for the baby to come right now!

You know, you can read everything on the internet about what to expect during pregnancy. Whether it is from the mother's viewpoint, or the father's's all there to absorb. Tons of knowledge from so many different perspectives. I feel like I know so much, and have learned so much during these last 9 months. Not to mention 5 years of knowledge from working in an NICU. But I tell you what, reading and learning is NOTHING like experiencing pregnancy. I think I can understand, but honestly, people don't have a clue until they actually go through it.

Poor Brittany is so uncomfortable now. I try to do the small things, like back massages, foot rubs, etc. But these are very small reliefs, and the discomfort soon comes back. Brittany says she feels like she is walking with a bowling ball between her legs. Some people say this means the baby has droppped. Others disagree. Brittany says yes, the baby dropped. So we're going with yes. In all seriousness though, we can feel what we are assuming is the baby's head very, very far down. It's very exciting to think that the baby is that much closer to being with us.

Brittany is also experiencing higher amounts of lower back pain, and has started to have trouble sleeping through the night. No matter how many pillows or positions she sleeps in, it's becoming a struggle to sleep through the night. We have read over and over about these discomforts, but it's nothing like going through them. Last night, around 0300am, Brittany got up because she was so restless and couldn't fall back asleep. She got up, got a snack, cut up a couple trays of brownies, and eventually made her way back to bed. Poor thing was so tired this morning.

Only a couple more weeks we are hoping. Wednesday will mark 37 weeks, at which point she will be full term! We are so excited. Baby will weigh in at around 6.5 pounds at the end of the 37th week, so she's getting fatter! I can't wait to hold my baby!

I love my wife very much. She has gone through so much for Savannah already, and she only has a little bit more to go. She will be a great mother, just as she is a great wife. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together with our new baby girl, and I hope that I can continue to give her everything she deserves.

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