Skittles and Traildust

Friday, August 08, 2008

That's what Brittany wanted last night. No they weren't cravings, just she wanted food, that's what she saw, so that is what we got.

Traildust off of 380 is the original Traildust. And I was shocked at how good the food was! We had fried jalapeno slices (well, I did), chicken tenders, and onion strings.

Not alot has happened for us that is really exciting, but one thing has changed.

That leads us to the...

Baby Update: Savannah is 35 weeks and 2 days! She is around 5.5 lbs right now. Big girl! Brittany came to me 2 days ago, early in the morning before work, and asked me if her belly looked different. It did!

Where as the day before, her stomach was rounded fully, as wide as it was long, the follwing morning her stomach had shifted out and down. Her sides that were once full now have a little bit of a curve inwards. We can only guess that somewhere between that night and that morning, the baby made her full turn. So now, her little head is pointing straight down! She's getting ready for birth! We will see the OB next week and get a confirmation on that, just to be sure.

Anyways, keep Brittany and Savannah in your prayers. Healthy baby, healthy mommy!

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