This past weekend was another quiet weekend. Saturday was Charlie's dad's birthday. We didn't get a chance to see him to celebrate, but somebody did paint him something special:) She loves to paint! Savannah is finally moving on to a few other shirts for daily wear. She definitely prefers her Hello Kitty ones, but we can explain they are in the wash and not have a major melt down. That is improvement people:) She is into putting the word "so" in front of words. I'm SO hungry, I'm SO hot (we all are honey), I'm SO tired (that's my jk). They get funnier everyday!

We just did the usual play around the house, grocery store, play outside with the water toys, etc kinda weekend. But I love it! Baby Charlie is starting to imitate more and is so stinking cute! If you hand him a brush, he will brush his hair. He can turn a light switch on and off. He is really into pointing right now to. I keep telling him it isn't polite. He is feeding himself a little bit with a spoon. Lastly he takes anything that could kinda be a phone and is holding it up to his ear. I love watching all these fun milestones!

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  1. Mighty M // August 11, 2011 at 7:54 AM  

    I am SO glad Savannah's lightening up slightly on the clothing front. Kids are so peculiar sometimes. :) But darn it they are so cute too!!

  2. The Jaspers // August 11, 2011 at 8:09 AM  

    They are just too cute! Just can't get enough of their happy lil' faces!