So, so tired

Saturday, January 31, 2009

This week has been a tough one. Brittany fell sick late Monday night with all the symptoms of a horrible, nasty flu. She had a temperature as high as 103.0 degrees and has been achy with a sore throat and lots of drainage. Sounds fun, huh? Well, add on top of that she is still trying to breastfeed and pump, and you have one sick, tired mommy! Our pedi says it's okay to still breastfeed with a fever, for those of you that might be curious as to why she's still attempting this, it is so that Savannah gets all the antibodies Brittany is making while she is sick. Helps boost our little girl's immune system. Happy to report Savannah has not gotten sick thus far! Nor have I, for that matter. Anyways, Brittany just started feeling better last night, though she is still coughing and has alot of drainage. Probably won't be until next week sometime that she completely kicks this nastiness.

I, on the other hand, have found out what it truly means to be a dad and husband in charge of just about everything. Taking care of a sick wife and still giving complete care to Savannah has pushed me to exhaustion! Don't get me wrong, I love taking care of my girls, but the lack of sleep and amount of work involved day in and day out gives me a new appreciation for all the parents who go through bouts like this. The hardest part is keeping Savannah away from Brittany as much as possible, all the while trying to give Brittany the care she needs. It is definitely a delicate balancing act.

So, let's hope Brittany gets better soon, and whatever she has/had stays away from Savannah! Speaking of our little girl, she is doing a couple new things. It's always something new every week. Man, even something new every couple days now it seems! She is talking up a storm making so many new sounds. I've heard her say 'buh', 'mah', 'aloo', 'loooah', 'aye' amongst so many other combinations of sounds. She really is practicing her talking! Nothing comes out as words of course, and anything she says that we would deem coherent is definitely by accident. But it won't be long before she starts making sense of all those sounds! She has also found out the sucking in her lower lip is quite amusing. She'll suck on it for a bit, spit it out, then suck it right back in. And finally, she has discovered the joy of taking baths with mommy! It has only been a couple baths so far (because we normally give her a bath in her little tub), but she loves standing in the water with mommy holding her and splashing around with her hands. She smiles and laughs the whole time!

I will try to get some more pics up soon, I promise. This week has been tough, so maybe next week I'll have some new ones!

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