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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I officially weighed 115lbs. this morning. This is what I weighed pre Savi:) Such a good feeling! It took a little over 4 months to get there and thankfully with not to much work. I wanted it to be gone immediately but that did not happen so I definitely stressed. Eventually though it did. I feel like I need to be toner though. I think that would normally come from dance which I was off of for a good portion of my prenancy, so I am definitely hoping that gets me right where I want to be. Savannah was well worth it and I am slowing becoming used to the fact that I will have to go through the ups and downs of weight stuff again when Charlie and I decide we are ready for another:)

Savannah is getting so big! Charlie is so good with her. He stays with her almost everyday and is a great dad! She is eating some rice cereal, laughing a little, and rolling from back to tummy. Lots of little milestones:) She weighted 13.1 lbs. and was 25 inches long. Apparently she is a little long for her age. Tall and skinny is fine with me:) The doctor said everything else looked great! We fall in love with her more and more everyday:)

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  1. Sarah // January 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

    Just wondering how tall you are and how much you weighed while pregnant!