Sleeping on the Couch

Friday, September 05, 2008

What, me? Oh no...Brittany! Yes, this morning I found Brittany asleep on the couch with the TV on. Poor thing is so uncomfortable and cannot sleep. She got up somewhere around 1 or 2am and went to the gameroom and found a firm, comfy spot on the couch. She's ready to have this baby.

I really thought Savannah would be here now, but looks like she's perfectly content to stay balled up in her mommy's tummy. The days are dragging now, and I'm sure it's because I am eager with anticipation. But by this time next week, Savannah will be here for sure!

Which brings me to the baby update! Savannah is 39 weeks, 2 days now. Brittany is set to be induced Thursday, possibly even Wednesday. It all depends on how ready her body is. Brittany has been dilated to 1 for the past 3 weeks now. Pretty normal, I guess, but there's always that little bit of hope that she'll dilate further with each week. Doesn't really matter any more though, because this time next week, Savannah will be in our arms for sure!

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