Playing a game with Baby!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yesterday, Brittany had a routine check-up at her OB/GYN. The visit lasted all of five minutes. Brittany was weighed (she actually lost 2 pounds) and the doc listened to the baby's heartbeat. About 120-140 beats per minute by my count. So everything is pretty normal. No sonogram, so no definite answer on the baby's sex.

Going to bed was a pretty normal routine, and we felt around Brit's tummy to see if we could feel the baby moving. She can now feel where the baby is when it moves around. She says that her tummy gets harder, or more firm around the location where the little one is jostling about. And last night she was quite active. Brittany can push certain areas of her tummy to get the baby to shift around, and we actually felt his/her head/leg bump up against Brit's tummy several times! I even saw her belly pop up on one of them! It was really cool! In about a month I know it will be non-stop, but these beginning moments are really fun!

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