Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So last night, about 2am, I woke up because I wasn't comfortable. I realized I didn't have the third pillow I needed to sleep well. You see, I have to have 3 pillows when I go to bed. One to lie my head on, and one on each side of me. I toss and turn alot. Brittany had gone to eat dinner with her co-dance teacher rather late last night after watching some of her middle school students do a drill team performance. By the time she got home, I was asleep. So I never got a chance to steal that extra pillow from her! (Don't worry, she doesn't mind...she only uses one pillow)

Anyway, my little search for the pillow woke Brittany up. By waking her up, I made her realize she was really hungry. So, we decided to try and go back to sleep quickly so she wouldn't have to get up to find something to eat. I cuddled close and put my hand firmly on her belly and we closed our eyes. About a minute later, I felt a small little poke underneath my palm. It was distinct, and felt as if someone had flicked me from inside her tummy. My eyes immediately shot open and I kept my hand pressed firm. I didn't tell Brittany in case it was just her stomach rumbling. But sure enough, I felt 4 more little pokes within about 2 minutes. I then woke Brittany (which startled her) and asked her if her stomach was grumbling or if she could feel gurgling in her stomach. She said no, and I told her I thought I had felt the baby! I held my hand to her stomach again and got 2 more little pokes. Everyone of these little jabs was in the exact same spot! I was getting really excited and I made Brittany feel where I had, and told her to make sure she was holding her tummy firmly. She didn't feel anything :( So she resigned herself to going back to sleep and I put my hand back and got one more little poke before Brittany said I was keeping her up. Haha. So, I went back to sleep. Slowly, of course, because I was way too excited.

Now, I know that it may or may not have been the baby. But it was a pretty distinct feeling. It didn't feel like her stomach was gurgling. It mas more like a little flick. The first was very distinct, and by far the strongest. The other ones were very small...some of them so light that I could barely feel them! But they were all in the same place, and happened pretty close in time to one another. I know at 15 weeks the baby is active, but feeling the movements it is making are supposed to be very hard, or not very likely. So take it for what you will, but it definitely has me smiling this morning!

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  1. Kristin // March 26, 2008 at 4:12 PM  

    Can I climb a rainbow with Brittany? Maybe we can do it on a game night?!

  2. Kristin // March 26, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

    you are fast at changing things on no one is going to know what I am talking about!!!!