Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Charlie and I had a great Christmas! We have such great families:) We went to Christmas Eve service at Prestonwood with my family and then over to Charlie's parents house to do Christmas. (Charlie had to work Christmas day) I got this really cool Santa while we were in Eureka Springs that sits in front of the fireplace and plays music. I got it a little early so I could enjoy it but that was my cool gift from Charlie's parents. Bryan gave me a butterfly shirt (can't go wrong with me and butterflies:)) and Chris gave me some pink slippers!

Savannah got a cabbage patch doll and some other cute toys she loved! Charlie got some tools,clothes, beard trimmer, madden 09 and the most useful of all gift cards...WALMART! We ate a yummy dinner and then went to go do Christmas at our house as a family. It was fun, we set up a fire and laid out our quilt and began with Savannah's gift before she fell asleep on us:) Charlie gave me a beautiful cross necklace, Grey's Anatomy, a watch, and some cute work clothes! I got Charlie a ipod shuffle, clothes, movies, xbox game, and a food trivia game:)

Christmas day I went to my parents for the day since Charlie had to work:( Savannah got a different newborn cabbage patch doll (grandmothers think alike:)), her first carolina outfit, and a cute penguin from aunt missy. I got some coach ballet flats, a portable dvd player, some clothes, and a new phone! We lounged for the rest of the day and then had some Christmas ham. Charlie came by after work and opened his gifts from my parents. He got a deep fryer and lots of spices/cooking stuff. My parents also got Charlie and I a gift that I had to wait to open till he got there. It was a roomba, which is one of those cool vacuum robot things. My mom has one (Rosie) and loves it. I haven't decided what to name our yet!

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