Time goes by so fast...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time has flown by as I have been on maternity leave. I go back in a week and our sweet girl is already a little over a month old. So much has been going on. 2 weeks ago I went over to my mom's house to drop Savannah off before I went to teach dance and SURPRISE Marissa was there. I was so happy. She flew in for a couple days. We hung out Saturday, and then went to the fair as a family on Sunday. I love when she is here, I miss her so much. Charlie gave me a gift after the baby was born that was a massage. It was so relaxing and great. On October 18th was our 3 year anniversary of first meeting. We went on our first date to Friday's where is all began. I am a lucky girl to have met such a great husband and father! This week we have kind of alot going on. Today I have my post baby doc appointment. Wednesday, Charlie's grandmother and aunt are coming in town for the day to see the baby. Then my aunt and cousin are coming in town for the weekend. Then I go back to work. I will miss Savannah so much! She is just so cute and fun to be with.

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